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5.7-W Class-D Mono Audio Amplifier with Class-H Boost and Speaker Sense


Package | PIN: YZ | 42
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.32
10-24 $2.99
25-99 $2.79
100-249 $2.51
250-499 $2.34
500-749 $2.03
750-999 $1.76
1000+ $1.73


  • Ultra Low-Noise Mono Boosted Class-D Amplifier
    • 5.7 W at 1% THD+N and 6.9 W at 10% THD+N into 4-Ω Load from 4.2-VSupply
    • 3.8 W at 1% THD+N and 4.5 W at 10% THD+N into 8-Ω Load from 4.2-VSupply
  • Output Noise for DAC + Class-D (ICN) is 15.9 µV
  • DAC + Class-D SNR 111 dB at 1%THD+N/8 Ω
  • THD+N –90 dB at 1 W / 8 Ω with Flat Frequency Response
  • Post-Filter Feedback (PFFB)
  • PSRR 110 dB for 200 mVpp ripple at 217 Hz
  • Input Sample Rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz
  • Built-In Speaker Sense
    • Measures Speaker Current and Voltage
    • Measures VBATVoltage, Chip Temperature
  • Dedicated Real-Time Dual-Core DSP for Speaker Protection
    • Thermal and Excursion Protection
    • Detects Speaker Leaks andDamage
  • High Efficiency Class-H Boost Converter With Multi-Level Tracking
    • 86% at 500 mW in 8 Ω with 3.6 VVBAT
    • 87% at 700 mW in 8 Ω with 4.2 VVBAT
  • Configurable Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • Limits Battery CurrentConsumption
  • Adjustable Class-D Switching Edge-Rate Control
  • Thermal, Short-Circuit, and Under-Voltage Protection
  • I2S, Left-Justified, Right-Justified, DSP, and TDM Input and Output Interface,
  • I2C or SPI Interface for Register Control
  • Stereo Configuration Using Two TAS2557 Devices
  • Power Supplies
    • Boost Input: 2.9 V to 5.5 V
    • Analog/Digital: 1.65 V to 1.95 V
    • Digital I/O: 1.62 V to3.6 V
  • 42-ball, 0.5-mm pitch, DSBGA package

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Texas Instruments  TAS2557YZT

The TAS2557 device is a state-of-the-art Class-D audio amplifierwhich is a full system on a Chip (SoC). The device features a ultra low-noise audio DAC and Class-Dpower amplifier which incorporates speaker voltage and current sensing feedback. An on-chip,low-latency DSP supports Texas Instruments SmartAmp speaker protection algorithms to maximizesloudness while maintaining safe speaker conditions.

The device can be used easily with any processor with an I2S output and stereoimplementations are possible when using two TAS2557 devices. Separate tuningfor different speakers is supported allowing customers to add value while maintaining form factordesigns. Additionally, the TAS2557 supports separate voice and audio tuningdynamically with ultra-low 15.9 µV ICN regardless of mode of operation making receiver/speakerimplementations possible.

A Class-H boost converter generates the Class-D amplifier supply rail. When the audiosignal only requires a lower Class-D output power, the boost improves system efficiency bydeactivating and connecting VBAT directly to the Class-D amplifier supply.When higher audio output power is required, the multi-level boost quickly activates tracking thesignal to provide the additional voltage to the load.