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300-W Stereo / 600-W Mono HD Digital Input, 58V Class-D Amplifier Power Stage


Package | PIN: DDV | 44
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $12.84
10-24 $11.55
25-99 $10.78
100-249 $9.67
250-499 $9.03
500-749 $7.85
750-999 $6.80
1000+ $6.66


  • PWM-Input, Class-D Amplifier Power Stage compatible with TI Digital-Input (I2S) Audio Processors and Modulators
  • HD Integrated Closed-Loop Feedback provides:
    • 0.025% THD at 1 W into 6 Ω
    • >70 dB PSRR (No Input Signal)
    • >105 dB SNR (A-weighted)
  • Output Power at 10%THD+N
    • 600 W / 3 Ω PBTL Mono Configuration
    • 300W / 6 Ω BTL Stereo Configuration
    • 230 W / 8 Ω BTL StereoConfiguration
  • Output Power at 1%THD+N
    • 465 W / 3 Ω PBTL Mono Configuration
    • 240 W / 6 Ω BTL Stereo Configuration
    • 180 W / 8 Ω BTL Stereo Configuration
  • Integrated 80 mΩ MOSFETs for Reduced Heatsink Size
    • >91%Efficiency at Full Output Power
    • >75% Efficiency at 1/8 OutputPower
  • Click and Pop Free Startup
  • Device Protection: Undervoltage, Over Temperature, Overcurrent, Short Circuit Protection and DC Speaker Protection
  • Pre-Clipping Output Signal for Control of a Class-G Power Supply
  • 44-Pin HTSSOP (DDV) Package with Thermal Pad on the Top

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Texas Instruments  TAS5634DDV

The TAS5634 is a PWM-input, Class-D amplifier power stage that supports 2 x 300 W (6 Ω)or 1 x 600 W (3 Ω) output power with a nominal power supply voltage of 58V. The 58V supply voltageprovides support for higher impedance speaker loads including 6 Ω in BTL and 3 Ω in PBTL.Integrated MOSFETs and a new gate drive scheme provide high peak efficiency and low idle losses toreduce thermal solution size.

The TAS5634 uses a closed-loop feedback design with constant voltage gain. The internallymatched gain resistors ensure a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and low output noise dueto switch mode power supplies (SMPS).

The TAS5634 is a fully integrated power stage compatible with TI’s portfolio ofdigital-input (I2S) audio processors and modulators, like the TAS5548 and TAS5558, making it acomplete digital-input Class-D amplifier. The TAS5634 is available in the surface mount 44-pinHTSSOP package and is part of a pin-compatible family of PWM-input Class-D power stages includingthe TAS5612LA, TAS5614LA and TAS5624A.