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Stereo 20-W, 8V-16.5V Open-Loop Digital Input Audio Power Amplifier with EQ and 3-Band AGL: TAS5733L


Package | PIN: DCA | 48
Temp: S (0 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.55
10-24 $1.39
25-99 $1.30
100-249 $1.14
250-499 $1.07
500-749 $0.91
750-999 $0.76
1000+ $0.73


  • Audio Input/Output
    • One-Stereo Serial Audio Input
    • Supports 44.1-kHz and 48-kHz Sample Rates
    • Supports 3-Wire I²S Mode (no MCLK required)
    • Automatic Audio Port Rate Detection
    • Supports BTL and PBTL Configuration
    • POUT = 10 W @ 10% THD+N
      • PVDD = 12 V, 8 Ω, 1 kHz
  • Audio/PWM Processing
    • Independent Channel Volume Controls With
      Gain of 24 dB to Mute in 0.125-dB Steps
    • Programmable Three-Band Automatic Gain
      Limiting (AGL)
    • 20 Programmable Biquads for Speaker EQ
      and Other Audio-Processing Features
  • General Features
    • 104-dB SNR, A-Weighted, Referenced to Full
      Scale (0 dB)
    • I²C Serial Control Interface w/ two Addresses
    • Thermal, Short-Circuit, and Undervoltage
    • Up to 90% Efficient
    • AD, BD, and Ternary Modulation
    • PWM Level Meter

Texas Instruments  TAS5733LDCAR

The TAS5733L device is an efficient, digital-input audio amplifier for driving stereo speakers configured as a bridge tied load (BTL). In parallel bridge tied load (PBTL) in can produce higher power by driving the parallel outputs into a single lower impedance load. One serial data input allows processing of up to two discrete audio channels and seamless integration to most digital audio processors and MPEG decoders. The device accepts a wide range of input data and data rates. A fully programmable data path routes these channels to the internal speaker drivers.

The TAS5733L device is a slave-only device receiving all clocks from external sources. The TAS5733L device operates with a PWM carrier between a 384-kHz switching rate and a 288-kHz switching rate, depending on the input sample rate. Oversampling combined with a fourth-order noise shaper provides a flat noise floor and excellent dynamic range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.