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20W Class-D Stereo PurePath™ Smart Amp


Package | PIN: RMT | 48
Temp: S (-25 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $4.54
10-24 $4.09
25-99 $3.82
100-249 $3.42
250-499 $3.20
500-749 $2.78
750-999 $2.41
1000+ $2.36


  • PurePath Smart Amp:
    • Optimizes and Protects Dynamic Loudspeakers
    • Bass Q-compensation and Frequency Extension: More Loudness, Bass Enhancement,Better Clarity and Higher Fidelity.
    • Thermal and ExcursionLimitation.
  • Stereo Class-D Amplifier With:
    • Wide Power Supply Range: 4.5 V –26.4 V
    • Wide Load Range: 2 Ω– 8 Ω;
    • High output current: 2x 7.5 A
    • Peak output power 2x50 W/4 Ω
    • Continuous Power: 2x 20 W w/o heat sink
    • Click andPop free: Power, Mute and Standby ON/OFF
    • Low Output Noise: <60 µVrms at 12V-supply, <90 µVrms at 24-V supply
    • Low THD+N: <0.02% at 1 W/4 Ω, 1kHz
    • Thermal, Over-Current and Short-Circuit Protected
  • Configurable Digital Audio Processor.
    • Down Mixing and Custom EQ with 10 BiQuads
  • Digital Audio Interface: I2S or TDM input w.
    • 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz FS
    • Configurable DigitalOutput
  • Multisegment DAC with Excellent Jitter Suppression
  • Integrated High-Performance Audio PLL
  • I2C control
  • 48-pin PowerPAD™ HTSSOP or VQFN Package

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Texas Instruments  TAS5766MRMTT

The TAS576xM PurePath Smart Amp enhance the bass, sound fidelity and provide moreloudness and at the same time drive a speaker to its thermal and mechanical limits.

The TAS576xM contains two BTL class-D amplifiers – with up to 2x50W peak into 4Ω. Theamplifier is thermally designed to fit with the typical speaker so it can handle high peaks for thetime it takes the speaker voice-coil to heat up, and then it lowers the average power to safelimits.

The wide supply range of 4.5 V to 26.4 V enables the use of a wide range of differentpower supply options from 2-cell Li-Ion batteries to fixed 24 V supply.

TI’s PurePath Smart Amp technology allow speakers to be driven with more peak power thantheir average power rating, without fear of damage to the speaker through over excursion orthermal-overload.