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DC to 650-MHz, Differential-to-Single-Ended, DAC Output Amplifier


Package | PIN: RGV | 16
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $8.64
10-24 $7.78
25-99 $7.26
100-249 $6.51
250-499 $6.08
500-749 $5.29
750-999 $4.58
1000+ $4.49


  • Input Stage: Internal Gain of 2 V/V
    • Buffered Differential Inputs
    • Single-Ended Low ImpedanceOutput
    • Full-Power Bandwidth: 350 MHz (2 VPP)
  • Output Stage: Gain Externally Configurable
    • Full-Power Bandwidth: 270 MHz (5 VPP)
    • Slew Rate: 3000 V/µs
    • SPDT Input Switch andMultiplexer
  • Full Signal Path: Input Stage + Output Stage
    • HD2 (20 MHz, 5 VPP to 100-Ω Load): –66dBc
    • HD3 (20 MHz, 5 VPP to 100-Ω Load): –68 dBc
    • 10-VPP Output to 100-Ω Load Using Split
      ±6.5-V Supply
    • 12-VPP Output to HeavyCapacitive Loads Using Single 15-V Supply
  • Internal DC Reference Buffer with Low-Impedance Output
  • Power-Supply Range:
    • Split Supply: ±4 V to ±7.9 V
    • Single Supply: 8 V to 15.8 V

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Texas Instruments  THS3215IRGVT

The THS3215 combines the key signal-chain components required to interface with acomplementary-current output, digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The flexibility provided by thistwo-stage amplifier system delivers the low distortion, dc-coupled, differential to single-endedsignal processing required by a wide range of systems. The input stage buffers the DAC resistivetermination, and converts the signal from differential to single-ended with a fixed gain of 2 V/V.The differential to single-ended output is available externally for direct use, and can also beconnected through an RLC filter or attenuator to the input of an internal output power stage (OPS).The wideband, current-feedback, output power stage provides all pins externally for flexible gainsetting.

An internal 2 × 1 multiplexer (mux) to the output power stage noninverting input providesan easy means to select between the internal differential-to-single-ended stage (D2S) output or anexternal input.

An optional on-chip midsupply buffer provides a wideband, low-output-impedance source forbiasing during single-supply operation through the signal-path stages. This feature provides verysimple biasing for single-supply, ac-coupled applications operating up to a maximum 15.8-V supply.An external input to this buffer allows for a dc error-correction loop, or a simple output dcoffset feature.

A companion device, the THS3217,provides the same functional features at higher quiescent power and bandwidth. The THS3215 and theTHS3217 support the emerging high-speed Texas Instruments DACs for AWG applications, such as theDAC38J82.