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Low-Power ADSL Central Office Line Driver


Package | PIN: DWP | 20
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $13.69
10-24 $12.73
25-99 $12.29
100-249 $10.73
250-499 $10.21
500-749 $9.40
750-999 $8.44
1000+ $8.41


  • Low-Power ADSL Line Driver Ideal for Central Office
    • 1.35-W Total Power Dissipation for Full-Rate ADSL Into a 25- Load
  • Low-Impedance Shutdown Mode
    • Allows Reception of Incoming Signal During Standby
  • Two Modes of Operation
    • Class-G Mode: 4 Power Supplies, 1.35 W Power Dissipation
    • Class-AB Mode: 2 Power Supplies, 2 W Power Dissipation
  • Low Distortion
    • THD = –62 dBc at f = 1 MHz, VO(PP) = 20 V, 25- Load
    • THD = –69 dBc at f = 1 MHz, VO(PP) = 2 V, 25- Load
  • 400-mA Minimum Output Current Into a 25- Load
  • High-Speed:
    • 65-MHz Bandwidth (–3dB) , 25-Load
    • 100-MHz Bandwidth (–3dB) , 100- Load
    • 1200-V/µs Slew Rate
  • Thermal Shutdown and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Evaluation Module Available

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Texas Instruments  THS6032IDWP

The THS6032 is a low-power line driver ideal for asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) applications. This device contains two high-current, high-speed current-feedback drivers, which can be configured differentially for driving ADSL signals at the central office. The THS6032 features a unique class-G architecture to lower power consumption to 1.35 W. The THS6032 can also be operated in a traditional class-AB mode to reduce the number of power supplies to two.

The class-G architecture supplies current to the load from four supplies. For low output voltages (typically –2.5 < VO < +2.5), some of the output current is supplied from the +VCC(L) and –VCC(L) supplies (typically ±5 V). For large output voltages (typically VO < –2.5 and VO > +2.5), the output current is supplied from +VCC(H) and –VCC(H) (typically ±15 V). This current sharing between VCC(L) and VCC(H) minimizes power dissipation within the THS6032 output stages for high crest factor ADSL signals.

The THS6032 features a low-impedance shutdown mode, which allows the central office to receive incoming calls even after the device has been shut down. The THS6032 is available packaged in the patented PowerPAD package. This package provides outstanding thermal characteristics in a small-footprint surface-mount package, which is fully compatible with automated surface-mount assembly procedures. It is also available in the new MicroStar Junior BGA package. This package is only 25 mm2 in area, allowing for high-density PCB designs.

Shutdown (SHDN1 and SHDN2) allows for powering down the internal circuitry for power conservation or for multiplexing. Separate shutdown controls are available for each channel on the THS6032. The control levels are TTL compatible. When turned off, each driver output is placed in a low impedance state which is determined by the voltage at DGND. This virtual ground at the outputs allows proper termination of a transmission line.