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3-Channel ED Filter Video Amplifier with 4V/V Gain


Package | PIN: YHC | 9
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.62
10-24 $2.34
25-99 $2.18
100-249 $1.90
250-499 $1.75
500-749 $1.47
750-999 $1.21
1000+ $1.11


  • Very Low Total Quiescent Current:
    3.5 mA at 3 V
  • Disabled Supply Current: 0.15 µA
  • Third-Order Butterworth Low-Pass Filters:
    • –1 dB at 17 MHz
    • –3 dB at 20 MHz
    • Attenuation: 21 dB at 43 MHz
    • Supports Y’P’BP’R 480p/576p or
      R’G’B’ Video
    • Supports Oversampled Systems Generating CVBS, S-Video, or
      Y’P’BP’R 480i/576i
  • DC-Coupled Input with 150-mV Output Shift
  • Built-In Gain: 4 V/V (12 dB)
  • Single-Supply Operation: +2.6 V to +5 V
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Supports
    AC- or DC-Coupling
  • Low Differential Gain/Phase: 0.1%/0.1°
  • Output Pins Support ±8-kV IEC ESD Protection
  • Ultra Small, WCSP 9-Ball Package:
    • Tiny PCB Area: 0.96 mm × 0.96 mm (Typ)
    • Very Low Profile Height: 0.5 mm (Max)
    • Pitch: 0.3 mm

Texas Instruments  THS7320IYHCR

Fabricated using the revolutionary, complementary Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) BiCom-3X process, the THS7320 is a very low power, single-supply, 2.6-V to 5-V, three-channel integrated video buffer with a gain of 4 V/V. This device is ideal for battery-powered applications where size and power are critical parameters. The total quiescent current is only 3.5 mA at 3 V and the video portion can be reduced down to 0.15 µA while disabled.

The THS7320 video section incorporates three enhanced definition (ED) filter channels with third-order Butterworth characteristics. These filters are useful as digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filters or as analog-to-digital converter (ADC) antialiasing filters. The THS7320 is also ideal for oversampled systems that produce standard definition (SD) signals including CVBS, S-Video, 480i/576iY’P’BP’R, Y’U’V’, and R’G’B’.

The THS7320 is designed for dc-coupled inputs. To mitigate any DAC/encoder termination interaction, the input impedance is a very high 2.4 MΩ. The internal level shift adds 150-mV offset at the output to eliminate saturation or clipping concerns. The rail-to-rail output supports either dc- or ac-coupling.

The THS7320 is available in an ultra small, 9-ball wafer chip-scale package (WCSP) package that requires an ultra small, 0.92-mm2 (typ) printed circuit board (PCB) area.