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3-Channel RGBHV Video Buffer with I2C Control, Monitor Pass-Thru, 2:1 MUX


Package | PIN: PHP | 48
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $6.63
10-24 $5.96
25-99 $5.57
100-249 $4.99
250-499 $4.66
500-749 $4.05
750-999 $3.51
1000+ $3.44


  • 3-Video Amplifiers for CVBS, S-Video, EDTV, HDTV Y'P'BP'R, G'B'R', and R'G'B' Video
  • H/V Sync Paths with Adjustable Schmitt Trigger
  • 2:1 Input Mux
  • I2C Control of All Functions on Each Channel
  • Unity-Gain Buffer Path for ADC Buffering:
    • 500-MHz Bandwidth, 1200-V/µs Slew Rate
  • Monitor Pass-Through Function:
    • 500-MHz Bandwidth, 1300-V/µs Slew Rate
    • 6-dB Gain with SAG Correction Capable
    • High Output Impedance in Disable State
  • Selectable Input Bias Modes:
    • AC-Coupled with Sync-Tip Clamp
    • AC-Coupled with Bias
    • DC-Coupled with Offset Shift
    • DC-Coupled
  • +2.7-V to +5-V Single-Supply Operation
  • Total Power Consumption: 265 mW at 3.3 V
  • Disable Function Reduces Current to 0.1 µA
  • Rail-to-Rail Output:
    • Output Swings Within 0.1 V of the Rails, Allowing AC- or DC-Output Coupling
  • Lead-free, RoHS TQFP Package

Texas Instruments  THS7347IPHP

Fabricated using the revolutionary complimentary silicon-germanium (SiGe) BiCom3 process, the THS7347 is a low-power, single-supply 2.7-V to 5-V 3-channel integrated video buffer with horizontal (H) and vertical (V) sync signal paths. It incorporates a 500-MHz bandwidth, 1200-V/µs unity-gain buffer ideal for driving analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and video decoders. In parallel with the unity-gain buffer, a monitor pass-through path allows for passing the input signal on to other systems. This path has a 6-dB gain, 500-MHz bandwidth, 1300-V/µs slew rate, SAG correction capability, and high output impedance while disabled.

Each channel of the THS7347 is individually I2C-configurable for all functions, including controlling the 2:1 input mux. Its rail-to-rail output stage allows for both ac- and dc-coupling applications.