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Dual Channel Controller with Wide Input Voltage Range


Package | PIN: D | 16
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.34
10-24 $3.00
25-99 $2.80
100-249 $2.45
250-499 $2.30
500-749 $1.95
750-999 $1.65
1000+ $1.57


  • Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry
  • Completely Synchronized Operation
  • Internal Undervoltage Lockout Protection
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range
  • Oscillator Frequency...500 kHz Max
  • Variable Dead Time Provides Control
    Over Total Range
  • Internal Regulator Provides a Stable 2.5-V Reference Supply

Texas Instruments  TL1453CD

The TL1453C incorporates the functions required in the construction of two pulse-width-modulation control circuits on a single monolithic chip. Designed primarily for power supply control, the TL1453C contains an on-chip 2.5-V regulator, two error amplifiers, an adjustable oscillator, two dead-time comparators, undervoltage lockout circuitry, and dual common-emitter output transistor circuits.

The uncommitted output transistors provide common-emitter output capability for each controller. The internal amplifiers exhibit a common-mode voltage range from 1.05 V to 1.45 V. The dead-time control comparator has no offset unless externally altered and may be used to provide 0% to 100% dead time. The on-chip oscillator may be operated by terminating RT (pin 2) and CT (pin 1). During low-VCC conditions, the undervoltage lockout control circuit feature inhibits the output until the internal circuitry is operational.

The TL1453C is characterized for operation from -20°C to 85°C.