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14-Bit 200KSPS ADC Ser. Out, Auto PWRDN, Single Ended Input


Package | PIN: DGK | 8
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $10.47
10-24 $9.73
25-99 $9.39
100-249 $8.20
250-499 $7.81
500-749 $7.19
750-999 $6.45
1000+ $6.43


  • 200-KSPS Sampling Rate
  • Built-In Conversion Clock
  • INL: ±1 LSB Max
    DNL: ±1 LSB Max
  • SINAD = 81.5 dB, SFDR = 95 dB
    THD = 94 dB at 15 kHz fin, 200 KSPS
  • SPI/DSP-Compatible Serial Interfaces With SCLK Input up to 15 MHz
  • Single 5-V Supply
  • Rail-to-Rail Analog Input With 500 kHz BW
  • Two Input Options Available:
    • TLC3541 – Single Channel Input
    • TLC3545 – Single Channel, Pseudo-Differential Input
  • (TLC3541) Optimized DSP Interface – Requires FS Input Only
  • Low Power With Auto-Power Down
    • Operating Current: 3.5 mA
    • Auto-Powerdown Current: 5 uA
  • Pin Compatible 12-/14-/16-Bit Family in 8-Pin SOIC and MSOP Packages
    • ATE System
    • Industrial Process Control
    • Measurement
    • Motor Control

Texas Instruments  TLC3541IDGK

The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are a family of high performance, 14-bit, low power, miniature CMOS analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). These devices operate from a single 5-V supply. Devices are available with single, dual, or single pseudo-differential inputs. All of these devices have a chip select (CS)\, serial clock (SCLK), and serial data output (SDO) that provides a direct 3-wire interface to the serial port of most popular host microprocessors (SPI interface). When interfaced with a DSP, a frame sync signal (FS) is used to indicate the start of a serial data frame on either pin 1 (CS)\ or pin 7 (FS) for the TLC3541. The TLC3545 ADC connects to the DSP via pin 1 only (CS)\.

The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are designed to operate with low power consumption. The power saving feature is further enhanced with an auto-power down mode. This product family features a high-speed serial link to modern host processors with an external SCLK up to 15 MHz. Both families use a built-in oscillator as the conversion clock, providing a 2.67 us maximum conversion time.