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12-Bit, 2.5 us Dual DAC, Serial Input, Pgrmable Settling Time, Simultaneous Update, Low Power


Package | PIN: D | 8
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $8.41
10-24 $7.82
25-99 $7.55
100-249 $6.60
250-499 $6.28
500-749 $5.78
750-999 $5.19
1000+ $5.17


  • Programmable Settling Time to 0.5 LSB 2.5 us or 12.5 us Typ
  • Two 12-Bit CMOS Voltage Output DACs in an 8-Pin Package
  • Simultaneous Updates for DAC A and DAC B
  • Single Supply Operation
  • 3-Wire Serial Interface
  • High-Impedance Reference Inputs
  • Voltage Output Range ... 2 Times the Reference Input Voltage
  • Software Powerdown Mode
  • Internal Power-On Reset
  • TMS320 and SPI Compatible
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • 3 mW Typ in Slow Mode,
    • 8 mW Typ in Fast Mode
  • Input Data Update Rate of 1.21 MHz
  • Monotonic Over Temperature
  • Available in Q-Temp Automotive High Rel Automotive Applications Configuration Control/Print Support Qualification to Automotive Standards
  • Applications
    • Battery Powered Test Instruments
    • Digital Offset and Gain Adjustment
    • Battery Operated/Remote Industrial Controls
    • Machine and Motion Control Devices
    • Cellular Telephones

SPI and QSPI are trademarks of Motorola, Inc.
Microwire is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corportation

Texas Instruments  TLC5618AQD

The TLC5618 is a dual 12-bit voltage output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with buffered reference inputs (high impedance). The DACs have an output voltage range that is two times the reference voltage, and the DACs are monotonic. The device is simple to use, running from a single supply of 5 V. A power-on reset function is incorporated in the device to ensure repeatable start-up conditions.

Digital control of the TLC5618 is over a 3-wire CMOS-compatible serial bus. The device receives a 16-bit word for programming and producing the analog output. The digital inputs feature Schmitt triggers for high noise immunity. Digital communication protocols include the SPI™, QSPI™, and Microwire™ standards.

Two versions of the device are available. The TLC5618 does not have an internal state machine and is dependent on all external timing signals. The TLC5618A has an internal state machine that counts the number of clocks from the falling edge of CS\ and then updates and disables the device from accepting further data inputs. The TLC5618A is recommended for TMS320 and SPI processors, and the TLC5618 is recommended only for SPI or 3-wire serial port processors. The TLC5618A is backward-compatible and designed to work in TLC5618 designed systems.

The 8-terminal small-outline D package allows digital control of analog functions in space-critical applications. The TLC5618C is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C. The TLC5618I is characterized for operation from \x9640°C to 85°C. The TLC5618Q is characterized for operation from \x9640°C to 125°C. The TLC5618M is characterized for operation from \x9655°C to 125°C.