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16-Channel LED Driver


Package | PIN: PZP | 100
Temp: S (-20 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $8.68
10-24 $7.81
25-99 $7.29
100-249 $6.54
250-499 $6.11
500-749 $5.31
750-999 $4.60
1000+ $4.51


  • Drive Capability and Output Counts
    • 80 mA (Current Sink) x 16 Bits
  • Constant Current Output Range
    • 5 to 80 mA (Current Value Setting for All Output Terminals Using External Resistor and Internal Brightness Control Register)
  • Constant Current Accuracy
    • ±4 % (Maximum Error Between Bits)
  • Voltage Applied to Constant Current Output Terminals
    • Minimum 0.4 V (Output Current 5 mA to 40 mA)
    • Minimum 0.7 V (Output Current 40 mA to 80 mA)
  • 1024 Gray Scale Display
    • Pulse Width Control 1024 Steps
  • Brightness Adjustment
    • All Output Current Adjustment for 64 Steps (Adjustment for Brightness Deviation Between LED Modules)
    • Output Current Adjustment by Output (OUT0 to OUT15) for 128 Steps (Adjustment for Brightness Deviation Between Dots)
    • Brightness Control by 16 Steps Frequency Division Gray Scale Control Clock (Brightness Adjustment for Panel)
  • Gray Scale Clock Generation
    • Gray Scale Control Clock Generation by Internal PLL or External Input Selectable
  • Clock Invert/Noninvert Selectable at Cascade Operation
    • Clock Invert Selectable to Reduce Changes in Duty Ratio
  • Protection
    • Watchdog Timer (WDT) Function (Turn Output Off When Scan Signal Stopped)
    • Thermal Shutdown (TSD) Function (Turn Output Off When Junction Temperature Exceeds Limit)
  • LOD
    • LED Open Detection (Detection for LED Disconnection)
  • Data Input/Output
    • Port A (for Data Display)
    • Clock Synchronized 10 Bit Parallel Input (Schmitt-Triggered Input)
    • Clock Synchronized 10 Bit Parallel Output (3-State Output)
    • Port B (for Dot Correction Data)
    • Clock Synchronized 7 Bit Parallel Input (Schmitt-Triggered Input)
    • Clock Synchronized 7 Bit Parallel Output
  • Input/Output Signal Level
    • CMOS Level
  • Power Supply Voltage
    • 4.5 V to 5.5 V (Logic, Analog and Constant Current)
    • 3 V to 5.5 V (Interface)
  • Maximum Output Voltage...15 V
  • Data Transfer Rate...20 MHz (Max)
  • Gray Scale Clock Frequency
    • 16 MHz (Max) Using Internal PLL
    • 8 MHz (Max) Using External Clock
  • Operating Free-Temperature Range
    -20°C to 85°C
  • 100-Pin Package HTQFP (PD = 4.7 W,
    TA = 25°C)

Adjustable for these functions independently.
Allows to write all the data at port A by setting.

Texas Instruments  TLC5911PZP

The TLC5911 is a constant current driver incorporating shift register, data latch, and constant current circuitry with a current value adjustable, PLL circuitry for gray scale control clock generation, and 1024 gray scale display using pulse width control. The output current is maximum 80 mA with 16 bits, and the current value of constant current output can be set by one external resistor. The device has two channel I/O ports. The brightness deviation between LED modules (ICs) can be adjusted by external data input from the display data port, and the brightness control for the panel can be accomplished by the brightness adjustment circuitry. Independent of these functions, the device incorporates the shift register and data latch to correct the deviation between LEDs by adjusting the output current using data from the dot correction data port. Moreover, the device incorporates WDT circuitry, which turns constant current output off when the scan signal stops during the dynamic scanning operation, and TSD circuitry, which turns constant current output off when the junction temperature exceeds the limit. Also the LED open detection (LOD) circuitry is used to make error signal output at the LED disconnection.