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Quad Low Voltage LinCMOS™ Differential Comparator


Package | PIN: D | 14
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.51
10-24 $3.16
25-99 $2.94
100-249 $2.58
250-499 $2.42
500-749 $2.05
750-999 $1.73
1000+ $1.66


  • Wide Range of Supply Voltages
    2 V to 8 V
  • Fully Characterized at 3 V and 5 V
  • Very-Low Supply-Current Drain
    240 uA Typ at 3 V
  • Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground
  • High Input Impedance...1012 Typ
  • Fast Response Time...200 ns Typ for TTL-Level Input Step
  • Extremely Low Input Bias Current
    5 pA Typ
  • Output Compatible With TTL, MOS, and CMOS
  • Built-In ESD Protection

LINCMOS is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments  TLV2354ID

The TLV2354 consists of four independent, low-power comparators specifically designed for single power-supply applications and operateS with power-supply rails as low as 2 V. When powered from a 3-V supply, the typical supply current is only 240 uA.

The TLV2354 is designed using the Texas Instruments LinCMOSTM technology and, therefore, features an extremely high input impedance (typically greater than 1012 ), which allows direct interfacing with high-impedance sources. The outputs are N-channel open-drain configurations that require an external pullup resistor to provide a positive output voltage swing, and they can be connected to achieve positive-logic wired-AND relationships. The TLV2354I is fully characterized for operation from - 40°C to 85°C. The TLV2354M is fully characterized for operation from - 55°C to 125°C.

The TLV2354 has internal electrostatic-discharge (ESD)-protection circuits and has been classified with a 1000-V ESD rating using human body model testing. However, care should be exercised in handling this device as exposure to ESD may result in degradation of the device parametric performance.