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Op Amp (1) + Push-Pull Comparator (1) Combo IC


Package | PIN: DGK | 8
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.10
10-24 $2.79
25-99 $2.60
100-249 $2.27
250-499 $2.13
500-749 $1.81
750-999 $1.53
1000+ $1.46


  • Micro-Power Operation ... 1.4 uA
  • Input Common-Mode Range Exceeds the Rails ... -0.1 V to VCC + 5 V
  • Supply Voltage Range ... 2.5 V to 16 V
  • Rail-to-Rail Input/Output (Amplifier)
  • Reverse Battery Protection Up to 18 V
  • Gain Bandwidth Product ... 5.5 kHz (Amplifier)
  • Push-Pull CMOS Output Stage (Comparator)
  • Specified Temperature Range
    • TA = -40°C to 125°C ... Industrial Grade
  • Ultrasmall Packaging
    • 8-Pin MSOP (TLV2702)
  • Universal Op-Amp EVM (See the SLOU060 For More Information)
    • Portable Battery Monitoring
    • Consumer Medical Electronics
    • Security Detection Systems

Texas Instruments  TLV2702IDGK

The TLV270x combines sub-micropower operational amplifier and comparator into a single package that produces excellent micropower signal conditioning with only 1.4 uA of supply current. This combination gives the designer more board space and reduces part counts in systems that require an operational amplifier and comparator. The low supply current makes it an ideal choice for battery powered portable applications where quiescent current is the primary concern. Reverse battery protection guards the amplifier from an over-current condition due to improper battery installation. For harsh environments, the inputs can be taken 5 V above the positive supply rail without damage to the device.

The TLV270x's low supply current is coupled with extremely low input bias currents enabling them to be used with mega-ohm resistors making them ideal for portable, long active life, applications. DC accuracy is ensured with a low typical offset voltage as low as 390uV, CMRR of 90 dB, and minimum open loop gain of 130 V/mV at 2.7 V.

The maximum recommended supply voltage is as high as 16 V and ensured operation down to 2.5 V, with electrical characteristics specified at 2.7 V, 5 V, and 15 V. The 2.5-V operation makes it compatible with Li-Ion battery-powered systems and many micro-power microcontrollers available today including TI's MSP430.

All members are available in PDIP and SOIC with the duals, one op-amp and one comparator, in the small MSOP package and quads, two operational amplifiers and two comparators, in the TSSOP package.