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Variable-Speed Single-Phase Full-Wave Fan-Motor Pre-Driver with Soft-Start


Package | PIN: PW | 20
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $0.84
10-24 $0.75
25-99 $0.70
100-249 $0.60
250-499 $0.55
500-749 $0.45
750-999 $0.36
1000+ $0.32


  • Predriver for Single-Phase Full-Wave Drive
    • PNP-NMOS is used as an external power TR,
      enabling high-efficiency low-consumption drive
      by means of the low-saturation output and
      single-phase full-wave drive. (PMOS-NMOS
      also applicable)
  • External PWM Input Enables Variable-Speed Control
    • Separately-excited upper direct PWM
      (f = 25 kHz) control method, enabling highly
      silent speed control
  • Current Limiter Circuit
    • Chopper-type current limit at start
  • Reactive Current-Cut Circuit
    • Reactive current before phase change is cut to
      enable silent and low-consumption drive
  • Minimum Speed Setting Pin
    • Minimum speed can be set with external
      resistor. The start assistance circuit enables
      start at extremely low speed.
  • Constant-Voltage Output Pin for Hall Bias
  • Lock Protection and Automatic Reset Functions
  • Rotation Speed Detection (FG) and Lock
    Detection (RD) Outputs

Texas Instruments  TMP816PWR

The TMP816 is a single-phase bipolar variable-speed fan-motor predriver that works with an external PWM signal. A highly efficient, quiet, and low-power consumption motor driver circuit with a large variable speed can be implemented by adding a small number of external components.

The TMP816 device is optimal for driving large-scale fan motors (with large air volume and large current) such as those used in servers and consumer products.