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1.5-W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

Qty Price
1-9 $2.89
10-24 $2.60
25-99 $2.42
100-249 $2.12
250-499 $1.99
500-749 $1.69
750-999 $1.42
1000+ $1.36


  • High Power with PC Power Supply
    • 1.5 W/Ch at 5 V
    • 600 mW/Ch at 3 V
  • Ultra-Low Distortion
    < 0.05% THD+N at 1.5 W and 4- Load
  • Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) or Single Ended (SE) Modes
  • Stereo Input MUX
  • Surface-Mount Power Package
    24-Pin TSSOP PowerPADTM
  • Shutdown Control...IDD < 10 uA

    PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Texas Instruments  TPA0102PWPR

The TPA0102 is a stereo audio power amplifier in a 24-pin TSSOP thermal package capable of delivering greater than 1.5 W of continuous RMS power per channel into 4- loads. This device functionality provides a very efficient upgrade path from the TPA4860 and TPA4861 mono amplifiers where three separate devices are required for stereo applications: two for speaker drive, plus a third for headphone drive. The TPA0102 simplifies design and frees up board space for other features. Full power distortion levels of less than 0.1% THD+N from a 5-V supply are typical. This provides significant improvement in fidelity for speech and music over the popular TPA4860/61 series. Low-voltage applications are also well served by the TPA0102 providing 600-mW per channel into 4- loads with a 3.3-V supply voltage.

Amplifier gain is externally configured by means of two resistors per input channel and does not require external compensation for settings of 2 to 20 in BTL mode (1 to 10 in SE mode). An internal input MUX allows two sets of stereo inputs to the amplifier. In notebook applications, where internal speakers are driven as BTL and the line (often headphone drive) outputs are required to be SE, the TPA0102 automatically switches into SE mode when the SE/BTL\ input is activated. Using the TPA0102 to drive line outputs up to 500 mW/channel into external 4 loads is ideal for small non-powered external speakers in portable multimedia systems. The TPA0102 also features a shutdown function for power sensitive applications, holding the supply current below 5 uA. In speakerphone or other monaural applications, the TPA0102 is configured through the power supply terminals to activate only half of the amplifier which reduces supply current by approximately one-half over stereo applications.

The PowerPAD package (PWP) delivers a level of thermal performance that was previously achievable only in TO-220-type packages. Thermal impedances of approximately 35°C/W are readily realized in multilayer PCB applications. This allows the TPA0102 to operate at full power into 4- loads at ambient temperature of up to 55°C. Into 8- loads, the operating ambient temperature increases to 100°C.