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Inductor Free Stereo (BTL) 10W Class-D Audio Amplifier with ultra low EMI and Auto Gain Limiter


Package | PIN: PWP | 28
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.76
10-24 $2.48
25-99 $2.31
100-249 $2.03
250-499 $1.90
500-749 $1.61
750-999 $1.36
1000+ $1.30


  • 2x10 W/ch into 6-Ω Loads at 10% THD+N from a 12-V Supply
  • 2x10 W/ch into 8-Ω Loads at 10% THD+N from a 13-V Supply
  • Up to 90% Efficient Class-D Operation (8 Ω) Eliminates Need for Heat Sinks
  • <0.05% THD+N at 1 W/4 Ω/1 kHz
  • <65-µV A-wgt Output Noise
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range Allows Operation from 4.5 V to 14.4 V
  • Inductor-Free Operation
  • Enhanced EMI Performance with Spread Spectrum and 1SPW Operation
  • SpeakerGuard™ Speaker Protection Includes Automatic Gain Limit, Adjustable Power Limiter, and DC Protection
  • Robust Pin-to-Pin, Pin-to-Ground, and Pin-to-Power Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Protection
  • Four Selectable, Fixed Gain Settings
  • Single Ended or Differential Analog Inputs
  • Click and Pop Free Startup

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Texas Instruments  TPA3140D2PWPR

The TPA3140D2 is anefficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving bridged-tied stereo speakers at up to10 W, 6 Ω, or 8 Ω (perchannel).

Advanced EMI Suppression Technology with Spread Spectrum Control and 1SPW modulation schemeenables the use of inexpensive ferrite bead filters at the outputs while meeting EMC requirementsfor system cost reduction. TPA3140D2 is not only fully protected against shorts and overload, theSpeakerGuard™ speaker protection circuitry includesan adjustable Automatic Gain Limit (AGL), an adjustable power limiter anda DC detection circuit for protection of the connected speakers. The AGLallows adjustment of the maximum output voltage without signal clipping for enhanced speakerprotection and audio quality. The DC detect and Pin-to-Pin, Pin-to-Ground, and Pin-to-Power Short Circuit protectioncircuit protect the speakers from output DC and pin shorts caused in production. The outputs arealso fully protected against shorts to GND, PVCC, and output-to-output. The short-circuitprotection and thermal protection includes an auto recovery feature.

The TPA3140D2 candrive stereo speakers with as low as 4-Ω impedance. The high efficiency of theTPA3140D2, 90% with an 8-Ωload, eliminates the need for an external heat sink, and TPA3140D2 will be able to outputfull power on a 2-layer PCB.