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Stereo Class-AB Audio Amplifier with Stereo Headphone Drive, Volume Control and Bass Boost


Package | PIN: PWP | 28
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $5.86
10-24 $5.27
25-99 $4.92
100-249 $4.41
250-499 $4.12
500-749 $3.58
750-999 $3.10
1000+ $3.04


  • Compatible With PC 99 Desktop Line-Out Into 10-k Load
  • Compatible With PC 99 Portable Into 8- Load
  • Internal Gain Control, Which Eliminates External Gain-Setting Resistors
  • DC Volume and Gain Control Adjustable From 34 dB to –86 dB
  • Bass Boost
  • Buffered Docking Station Outputs
  • 2.7-W/Ch Output Power Into 3- Load
  • PC-Beep Input
  • Depop Circuitry
  • Stereo Input MUX
  • Fully Differential Input
  • Low Supply Current and Shutdown Current
  • Surface-Mount Power Packaging 28-Pin TSSOP PowerPAD™

PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments  TPA6010A4PWPR

The TPA6010A4 is a stereo audio power amplifier in a 28-pin TSSOP thermally enhanced package capable of delivering 2.7 W of continuous RMS output power into 3- speakers, the TPA6010A4 has less than 0.22% THD+N across its specified frequency range.

The TPA6010A4 has several features optimized for notebook PCs including bass boost, docking station outputs, dc volume control, and dc gain control.

The TPA6010A4 has buffer and volume control gain stages that are set by dc voltages. The buffer has a differential input and differential output. The gain of the buffer, which is controlled by the dc voltage on the BUFFGAIN terminal, is adjustable from –46 dB to 14 dB. The docking station output is 6 dB lower than the buffer gain because the buffer has a differential output and the docking station output is taken from just one of the buffer outputs. The volume control amplifier is adjustable from –34 dB to 20 dB in the BTL mode and is 6 dB lower in the SE mode. The volume control stage is adjustable by dc voltage on the VOLUME terminal. The amplifier gain from input-to-speaker is the sum of the volume control and the buffer gain. The input-to-speaker gain is adjustable from –86 dB to 34 dB in the BTL mode and –92 dB to 28 dB in the SE mode.

The bass boost of the amplifier sums the right and left inputs, adds gain, filters out the high frequencies, and then adds the bass boost signal back into the output power amplifier. The frequency of the bass boost is adjusted by adding an RC filter from BBOUT to BBIN. The gain of the bass boost is set to 12 dB if the same bass is present in both the right and left channels. If the bass is present in just one of the channels, the gain of the bass is set to 9.5 dB. The gain can be reduced by adding a voltage divider from BBIN to BBOUT. If not using the bass boost, pull the BBENABLE pin low.

The PowerPAD package (PWP) delivers a level of thermal performance that was previously achievable only in TO-220-type packages. Thermal impedances of approximately 35°C/W are truly realized in multilayer PCB applications. This allows the TPA6010A4 to operate at full power into 8- loads at ambient temperatures of 85°C.