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TPIC2050 Serial I/F Controlled 9CH Motor-Driver with 3Beam Laser Diode Driver


Package | PIN: DFD | 56
Temp: S (-20 to 75)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.68
10-24 $2.40
25-99 $2.23
100-249 $1.94
250-499 $1.79
500-749 $1.50
750-999 $1.23
1000+ $1.13


  • Serial Port Digital Interface
    • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    • 4-Wire Interface: SSZ, SCLK, SIMO, SOMI
    • Maximum Read/Write 35 MHz
    • 3.3-V Digital I/O
  • Actuator and Motor Driver
    • PWM Control With H-Bridge Output
    • Focus / Tracking / Tilt Actuator Driver With 12-Bit DAC Control
    • Sled Motor Drivers With Current Mode, 10-Bit DAC Control
    • Load Driver With 12-Bit DAC Control Selectable 5 V, 12 V
    • Stepping Motor Driver With 8-Bit PWM Control
  • Spindle Motor Driver
    • Low Rdson 0.3-Ω Typical MOSFET Output
    • Sensor-Less: Rotor Position Sense by Motor BEMF
    • Applicable for 10500 rpm Revolution Speed (Assumed in Using 12-Pole Motor)
    • 12-Bit Spindle DAC Programmed Via Serial Port
    • Self-Contained Inductive Position Sense and Startup
    • Auto-Brake Function Which Selects the Optimal Brake Mode in Each Rotation Speed
    • 1.5-A Maximum Continuous Current Excluding Thermal Issues
  • Utility Functions
    • Status Latch: Act Timer, SIF Error, PWR Monitor, Thermal Protection, and OCP Error
    • On-Chip Thermometer (15 to 165°C)
  • 3-Beam Laser Diode Driver
    • 120-mA Current Output With 11-Bit DAC Register or Analog Input (VLDDIN)
    • Slope-Controlled Current for Rapid Change
    • Select Output Port of CD, DVD, BD by Serial Bit
  • Protection
    • Individual Thermal Protect Circuit on SPM and Actuator Driver
    • Two Alert Levels: Pre-Detect and Detect in Thermal Protection
    • ACTTEMP: Monitor the Actuator Temperature Calculated from Integrating the DAC Value Set Up in the Past
    • Short-Circuit Protection in SPM, Sled, Load, Actuator, and Step-Driver Channel
    • Hardware Device Disable Pin, XRSTIN
    • Power Monitor by Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) and Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
    • Tray-Lock Detection
    • PREOVP-12V: Prevent the 12-V OVP Detection by the Motor BEMF at SPM Brake

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Texas Instruments  TPIC2050RDFDRG4

The TPIC2050 is low-noise-type motor driver IC suitable for 12-V ODD. The 9-channel driver, IC controlled by serial interface, is optimum for driving a spindle motor, sled motor (stepping motor applicable), load motor, focus / tracking / tilt actuators, and stepping motor for the collimator lens.

The spindle motor driver part builds in the sensor-less logic that attains low-noise operation at start-up and while running. Motors or sensors, such as a Hall device, are not required by the starting circuit for self-starting, or for performing position detection by BEMF. As the output stage of all channels works in efficient PWM driving, low-power operation by PWM control is possible. Neutral zone-less control is possible for a focus / tracking / tilt actuator driver. In addition, the spindle part output current limiting circuit, thermal shutdown circuit, sled-end detection circuit, collimator lens end detection circuit, actuator protection, and three beam laser drivers are built in. The newly added built-in thermometer can measure IC temperature.