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Automotive Catalog Low-Frequency Multi-Channel Antenna Driver for Passive Start and Passive Entry Sy

Qty Price
1-9 $6.57
10-24 $5.91
25-99 $5.52
100-249 $4.95
250-499 $4.62
500-749 $4.02
750-999 $3.48
1000+ $3.41


  • Output Stage Consists of Eight Programmable Half-Bridge MOSFET Drivers
    (Configurable in Half, Full, or Parallel Bridges) Which Deliver Modulated
    Current to Each Coil
  • Linear Mode Output: Generates a Sine Wave Voltage That is Controlled
    by the Microcontroller
  • Output Stage is Overload Protected for Short and Over Temperature
  • Driver Control and Diagnosis Blocks Drive the Gates of the MOSFETS
    Via Data From the SPI
  • Antenna Diagnostics: Short to GND, Short to VBAT, And Open Load
    Via Current Measurement
  • Divider Block Generates an Internal Frequency From the Input Clock
    (Main Controller); Used for the Internal Logic
  • Sophisticated Failure Detection and Handling
  • HTSSOP (PWP) 28-Pin Package
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    –40°C to +105°C
    • Automotive Passive Start and Passive Entry Applications

Texas Instruments  TPIC84000TPWPRQ1

The low-frequency (LF) antenna driver is dedicated to automotive applications requiring passive entry or passive start operational control. It allows for up to eight dedicated drivers, consisting of MOSFET transistors. The device also incorporates sophisticated diagnosis, protection and monitoring features.