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Full Featured Dual-Slot AdvancedMC™ Controller


Package | PIN: RHH | 36
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $8.14
10-24 $7.57
25-99 $7.30
100-249 $6.38
250-499 $6.07
500-749 $5.59
750-999 $5.02
1000+ $5.00


  • ATCA AdvancedMC™ Compliant
  • Full Control for Two AdvancedMC Modules
  • Independent 12-V Current Limit and Fast Trip
  • 3.3-V and 12-V FET ORing for MicroTCA
  • Internal 3.3-V Current Limit and ORing
  • Power Good and Fault Reporting Through I2C
  • I2C Programmable Fault Times and Current Limits
  • FET Status Bits for all Channels
  • 36-Pin PQFN Package
  • 3-V and 12-V Interlock for AdvancedMC Compliance

Texas Instruments  TPS2359RHHR

The TPS2359 dual-slot hot-plug controllers perform all necessary power interface functions for two AdvancedMC™ (Advanced Mezzanine Card) modules.

Two fully integrated 3.3-V channels provide inrush control, over-current protection, and FET ORing. Two 12-V channels provide the same functions using external FETs and sense resistors. The 3.3-V current limits are factory set to AdvancedMC™ compliant levels and the 12-V current limits are programmed using external sense resistors. The accurate current sense comparators of the TPS2359 satisfy the narrow ATCA™ AdvancedMC™ current limit requirements.