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Full Featured -48V Hot Swap Power Manager, Industrial Temp.


Package | PIN: PW | 14
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.86
10-24 $3.48
25-99 $3.24
100-249 $2.84
250-499 $2.66
500-749 $2.26
750-999 $1.91
1000+ $1.82


  • Wide Input Supply Range: –20 V to –80 V
  • Transient Rating to –100 V
  • Programmable Current Limit
  • Programmable Current Slew Rate
  • Programmable UV/OV Thresholds/Hysteresis
  • Debounced Insertion Detection Inputs
  • Open-Drain Power Good (PG)\ Output
  • Fault Timer to Eliminate Nuisance Trips
  • Open-Drain Fault Output (FAULT)\
  • Enable Input (EN)
  • 14-Pin TSSOP package
  • 44-Pin TSSOP Pacake for Creapage/Clearance
    • –48-V Distributed Power Systems
    • Central Office Switching
    • Wireless Base Station

Texas Instruments  TPS2392PW

The TPS2392 and TPS2393 integrated circuits are hot swap power managers optimized for use in nominal –48-V systems. They operate with supply voltage ranges from –20-V to –80-V, and are rated to withstand spikes to –100 V. In conjunction with an external N-channel FET and sense resistor, they can be used to enable live insertion of plug-in cards and modules in powered systems. Each device provides load current slew rate control and peak magnitude limiting. Undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown thresholds are easily programmed via a three-resistor divider network. In addition, two active-low, debounced inputs provide plug-in insertion detection. A power good (PG)\ output enables downstream converters. The TPS2392 and TPS2393 also provide the basic hot swap functions of electrical isolation of faulty cards, filtered protection against nuisance overcurrent trips, and single-line fault reporting. The 44-pin part supports designs where telecomm creepage and clearance requirements must be followed.

The TPS2392 latches off in response to current faults, while the TPS2393 periodically retries the load in the event of a fault.