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2.5 to 18-V High Performance Hot Swap Controller


Package | PIN: RGE | 24
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.08
10-24 $2.77
25-99 $2.59
100-249 $2.32
250-499 $2.17
500-749 $1.89
750-999 $1.63
1000+ $1.60


  • 2.5V to 18V Bus Operation (30V abs max)
  • Programmable Protection Settings:
    • Current Limit: ±5% at 10mV
    • Fast Trip: ±10% at 20mV
  • Programmable FET SOA Protection
  • Programable Response Time for Fast Trip
  • Dual Timer (Inrush/Fault)
  • Analog Current Monitor (1% at 25mV)
  • Programmable UV and OV
  • Status Flags for Faults and Power Good
  • 4mm × 4mm 24-pin QFN
  • 70 = Latch, 71 = Retry, 72 = Fast Latch Off

Texas Instruments  TPS24771RGER

The TPS2477x is a high performance analog Hot Swap Controller for 2.5 V to 18 V systems. The precise and highly programmable protection settings of the TPS2477x aid the design of high power high availability systems where isolating faults is critical.

Programmable current limit, fast shut down, and fault timer protect the load and supply during fault conditions such as a hot - short. The fast shutdown threshold can be tuned to ensure a fast response to real faults, while avoiding nuisance trips. Programmable Safe Operating Area (SOA) protection and the inrush timer keep the MOSFET safe under all conditions. After asserting power good, TPS2477x acts as a circuit breaker and runs the fault timer during over current events, but doesn’t current limit. It shuts down after the fault timer expires. Two independent timers (inrush/fault) allow the user to customize protection based on system requirements.

Finally, the flexibility of the TPS2477x aid Hot Swap design for the 240 VA requirement and a design example is shown in the datasheet.