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4.5V to 60 V Input, 5 A Step-Down Converter with Eco-Mode


Package | PIN: DDA | 8
Temp: S (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $4.86
10-24 $4.37
25-99 $4.08
100-249 $3.66
250-499 $3.42
500-749 $2.97
750-999 $2.57
1000+ $2.52


  • High Efficiency at Light Loads with Pulse Skipping Eco-mode™
  • 92-mΩ High-Side MOSFET
  • 146 µA Operating Quiescent Current and
    2 µA Shutdown Current
  • 100 kHz to 2.5 MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
  • Synchronizes to External Clock
  • Low Dropout at Light Loads with Integrated BOOT Recharge FET
  • Adjustable UVLO Voltage and Hysteresis
  • 0.8 V 1% Internal Voltage Reference
  • 8-Terminal HSOP with PowerPAD™ Package
  • –40°C to 150°C TJ Operating Range
  • Create a Custom Design using the
    TPS54560 with the WEBENCH® Power Designer

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Texas Instruments  TPS54560DDA

The TPS54560 is a 60 V, 5 A, step down regulator with an integrated highside MOSFET. The device survives load dump pulses up to 65V per ISO 7637. Current mode controlprovides simple external compensation and flexible component selection. A low ripple pulse skipmode reduces the no load supply current to 146 µA. Shutdown supply current is reduced to 2 µA whenthe enable pin is pulled low.

Undervoltage lockout is internally set at 4.3 V but can be increased using the enablepin. The output voltage start up ramp is internally controlled to provide a controlled start up andeliminate overshoot.

A wide switching frequency range allows either efficiency or external component size tobe optimized. Output current is limited cycle-by-cycle. Frequency foldback and thermal shutdownprotects internal and external components during an overload condition.

The TPS54560 is available in an 8-terminal thermally enhanced HSOPPowerPAD™ package.