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Small, 10MHz 10A, 8V to 14V Input, SWIFT Series Capacitor Step-Down Converter


Package | PIN: RNJ | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $6.26
10-24 $5.63
25-99 $5.26
100-249 $4.72
250-499 $4.40
500-749 $3.83
750-999 $3.32
1000+ $3.25


  • Two-phase, Synchronous Series Capacitor Buck
  • Automatic Current Balancing Between Phases
  • 2-MHz to 5-MHz Per Phase Switching Frequency
  • 14-ns Minimum On-Time
  • 0.51-V to 2-V Output Voltage Range with ±0.5%
    Feedback Reference Voltage
  • Input Overvoltage Lockout for 17-V Surge
  • Adjustable Current Limit with Auto Restart
  • Synchronizes to an External Clock
  • Fixed Frequency in Steady State
  • Adaptive On-Time Control
  • Internal Feedback Loop Compensation
  • Internal Gate Drive LDO with External Supply
  • EN Pin Allowing for Adjustable Input UVLO
  • Selectable Soft-Start Time
  • Monotonic Startup with Pre-biased Output
  • Output Power Good Indicator (Open Drain)
  • Output Overvoltage/Undervoltage Protection

Texas Instruments  TPS54A20RNJR

The TPS54A20 is a two-phase, synchronous series capacitor buck converter designed for small size, low voltage applications from a 12-V input rail. This topology uniquely merges a switched capacitor circuit with a two phase buck converter. Advantages include automatic current balancing between the inductors, lower switching losses which enable high frequency (HF) operation, and voltage step-down through the series capacitor. Small, low profile inductors used with the TPS54A20 significantly reduce total solution area and height. An adaptive on-time control architecture provides fast transient response and accurate voltage regulation at up to 10-MHz operating frequency. Fixed frequency operation during steady state is maintained through the use of a phase lock loop (PLL) to lock switching signals to a reference oscillator.