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Integrated Single Cell Li-Ion Battery and Power Management IC (PMIC)


Package | PIN: RTQ | 56
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $12.03
10-24 $11.18
25-99 $10.79
100-249 $9.43
250-499 $8.97
500-749 $8.26
750-999 $7.41
1000+ $7.39


  • Battery Charger
    • Complete Charge Management Solution for
      Single Li-Ion or Li-Pol Cell:
      • With Thermal Foldback, Dynamic Power
        Management, and Pack Temperature-
      • Supports Up to 1.5-A Maximum Charge
    • Programmable Charge Parameters for
      AC Adapter and USB Port Operation
  • Integrated Power Supplies
    • Total of 9 integrated LDOs:
      • 6 Adjustable-Output LDOs (1.25 V to 3.3 V)
      • 2 Fixed-Voltage LDOs (3.3 V)
      • 1 RTC Backup Supply With Low Leakage
        (1.5 V)
    • 2 0.6-V to 3.4-V Programmable DC–DC Buck
      Converters (600 mA for TPS65810, 750 mA for
      • With Enable, Standby Mode Operation, and
        Automatic Low-Power Mode Setting
  • Display Functions
    • 2 Open-Drain PWM Outputs With
      Programmable Frequency and Duty Cycle
      • Control of Keyboard Backlight, Vibrator, or
        Other External Peripheral Functions
    • RGB LED Driver With Programmable Flashing
      Period and Individual RGB Brightness Control
    • Constant-Current White LED Driver
      • With Programmable Current Level,
        Brightness Control, and Overvoltage
      • Can Drive up to 6 LEDs in Series
  • System Management
    • Dual Input Power Path Function With Input
      Current-Limiting and OVP Protection
    • POR Function With Programmable Masking
      Monitors All Integrated Supplies Outputs
    • Software and Hardware Reset Functions
    • 8-Channel Integrated A/D Samples System
      • With Single Conversion, Peak Detection, or
        Averaging Operating Modes
  • Host Interface
    • Host Can Set System Parameters and Access
      System Status Using I2C Interface
    • Interrupt Function With Programmable
      Masking Signals System Status Modification to
    • 3 GPIO Ports, Programmable as Drivers,
      Integrated A/D Trigger or Buck Converters
      Standby Mode Control

Texas Instruments  TPS65811RTQR

The TPS65810 device provides an easy-to-use, fully-integrated solution for handheld devices, integrating charge management, multiple regulated power supplies, system management, and display functions in a small, thermally-enhanced 8-mm × 8-mm package. The high level of integration enables space savings of 70% of the typical board area when compared to equivalent discrete solutions, while implementing a high-performance and flexible solution that is portable across multiple platforms.

If required, an external host can control the TPS65810 device through I2C interface with access to all integrated systems. The I2C enables the setting of the output voltages, current thresholds, and operation modes. The internal registers have a complete set of status information, enabling easy diagnostics, and host-controlled handling of fault conditions. The TPS65810 device can operate in standalone mode, with no external host control, if the internal power-up defaults are compatible with the system requirements.