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250mA, Low Quiescent Current, Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator


Package | PIN: DRV | 6
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.14
10-24 $1.02
25-99 $0.94
100-249 $0.80
250-499 $0.74
500-749 $0.60
750-999 $0.48
1000+ $0.43


  • 250mA Low Dropout Regulator with EN
  • Low IQ: 44µA
  • Multiple Output Voltage Versions Available:
    • Fixed Outputs of 1.0V to 4.3V Using Innovative Factory EEPROM Programming
    • Adjustable Outputs from 1.25V to 6.2V
  • High PSRR: 60dB at 1kHz
  • Ultra-low Noise: 28µVRMS
  • Fast Start-Up Time: 45µs
  • Stable with a Low-ESR, 2.0µF Typical Output Capacitance
  • Excellent Load/Line Transient Response
  • 2% Overall Accuracy (Load/Line/Temp)
  • Very Low Dropout: 125mV at 250mA
  • ThinSOT-23, 2mm × 2mm SON-6, and 3mm × 3mm SON-8 Packages
    • WiFi, WiMax
    • Printers
    • Cellular Phones, SmartPhones
    • Handheld Organizers, PDAs

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Texas Instruments  TPS73418DRVT

The TPS734xx family of low-dropout (LDO), low-power linear regulators offers excellent ac performance with very low ground current. High power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR), low noise, fast start-up, and excellent line and load transient response are provided while consuming a very low 44µA (typical) ground current. The TPS734xx is stable with ceramic capacitors and uses an advanced BiCMOS fabrication process to yield a typical dropout voltage of 125mV at 250mA output. The TPS734xx uses a precision voltage reference and feedback loop to achieve overall accuracy of 2% over all load, line, process, and temperature variations. It is fully specified from TJ = -40°C to +125°C and is offered in low-profile ThinSOT-23, 2mm × 2mm SON, and 3mm × 3mm SON packages that are ideal for wireless handsets, printers, and WLAN cards.