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Enhanced-product single-output 3A LDO, adj (0.8V to 3.3V), fast transient resp, program soft start


Package | PIN: RGW | 20
Temp: M (-55 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $15.47
10-24 $14.38
25-99 $13.88
100-249 $12.12
250-499 $11.54
500-749 $10.62
750-999 $9.53
1000+ $9.50


  • Soft-Start (SS) Pin Provides a Linear Startup with Ramp Time Set by External Capacitor
  • 1% Accuracy Over Line, Load, and Temperature
  • Supports Input Voltages as Low as 0.9 V with External Bias Supply
  • Adjustable Output (0.8 V to 3.6 V)
  • Ultra-Low Dropout: 115 mV at 3.0 A (typ)
  • Stable with Any or No Output Capacitor
  • Excellent Transient Response
  • Available in 5 mm × 5 mm × 1 mm QFN Package
  • Active High Enable
    • Controlled Baseline
    • One Assembly/Test Site
    • One Fabrication Site
    • Available in Military (–55°C/125°C) Temperature Ranges(1)
    • Extended Product Life Cycle
    • Extended Product-Change Notification
    • Product Traceability
    • FPGA Applications
    • DSP Core and I/O Voltages
    • Post-Regulation Applications
    • Applications with Special Start-Up Time or Sequencing Requirements
    • Hot-Swap and Inrush Controls

(1) Custom temperature ranges available
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Texas Instruments  TPS74401MRGWREP

The TPS74401 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator provides an easy-to-use robust power management solution for a wide variety of applications. User-programmable soft-start minimizes stress on the input power source by reducing capacitive inrush current on start-up. The soft-start is monotonic and well-suited for powering many different types of processors and ASICs. The enable input and power-good output allow easy sequencing with external regulators. This complete flexibility permits the user to configure a solution that will meet the sequencing requirements of FPGAs, DSPs, and other applications with specific start-up requirements.

A precision reference and error amplifier deliver 1% accuracy over load, line, temperature, and process. Each LDO is stable with low-cost ceramic output capacitors and the device is fully specified from –55°C to 125°C.