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300MHz to 4GHz Quadrature Modulator


Package | PIN: RGE | 24
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $8.30
10-24 $7.72
25-99 $7.45
100-249 $6.51
250-499 $6.19
500-749 $5.70
750-999 $5.12
1000+ $5.10


  • High Linearity:
    • Output IP3: 30 dBm at 1850 MHz
  • Low Output Noise Floor: –160 dBm/Hz
  • 78-dBc Single-Carrier WCDMA ACPR
    at –10-dBm Channel Power
  • Unadjusted Carrier Suppression: –40 dBm
  • Unadjusted Sideband Suppression: –45 dBc
  • Single Supply: 3.3-V Operation
  • 1-bit Gain Step Control
  • Fast Power-Up/Power-Down

Texas Instruments  TRF3705IRGER

The TRF3705 is a low-noise direct quadrature modulator, capable of converting complex modulated signals from baseband or IF directly up to RF. The TRF3705 is a high-performance, superior-linearity device that is ideal to up-convert to RF frequencies of 300 MHz (Note: appropriate matching network is required for optimal performance at 300 MHz) through 4 GHz. The modulator is implemented as a double-balanced mixer.

The RF output block consists of a differential-to-single-ended converter that is capable of driving a single-ended 50-Ω load. The TRF3705 requires a 0.25-V common-mode voltage for optimum linearity performance. The TRF3705 also provides a fast power-down pin that can be used to reduce power dissipation in TDD applications.

The TRF3705 is available in an RGE-24 VQFN package.