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4-Wire Touch Screen Controller with Stereo DAC / Mono ADC with HP/Speaker Amplifier


Package | PIN: DA | 32
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $8.39
10-24 $7.54
25-99 $7.05
100-249 $6.32
250-499 $5.90
500-749 $5.13
750-999 $4.44
1000+ $4.35


  • Integrated Touch Screen Processor With Fully Automated Modes of Operation
  • Programmable Converter Resolution, Speed, and Averaging
  • Programmable Autonomous Timing Control
  • Direct Battery Measurement Accepts up to 6-V Input
  • On-Chip Temperature Measurement
  • Stereo Audio DAC and Mono Audio ADC Support Rates up to 48 ksps
  • High Quality 97-dB Stereo Audio
  • Integrated PLL for Flexible Audio Clock Generation
  • Programmable Digital Audio Bass/Treble/EQ/De-Emphasis
  • On-Chip 325-mW, 8- Speaker Driver
  • Stereo Headphone Amplifier With Capless Output Option
  • Microphone Preamp and Hardware Automatic Gain Control
  • SPI™ and I⊃S™ Serial Interface
  • Full Power-Down Control
  • Low Power: 11-mW Stereo Audio Playback At 48 ksps
  • 32-Pin TSSOP and 32-Pin 5×5 mm QFN Package
    • Personal Digital Assistants
    • Smart Cellular Phones
    • MP3 Players

SPI is a trademark of Motorola.
I²S is a trademark of Phillips Electronics.
US Patent No. 624639

Texas Instruments  TSC2100IDA

The TSC2100 is a highly integrated touch screen controller with on-chip processor and audio codec. The touch screen portion of the TSC2100 contains a 12-bit 4-wire resistive touch screen ADC complete with drivers, and interfaces to the host controller through a standard SPI™ serial interface. The on-chip processor provides extensive features specifically designed to reduce host processor and bus overhead, with capabilities that include fully automated operating modes, programmable conversion resolution up to 12 bits, programmable sampling rates up to 125 kHz, programmable conversion averaging, and programmable on-chip timing generation.

The TSC2100 includes a high-performance audio codec with 16/20/24/32-bit 97-dB stereo playback, mono record functionality at up to 48 ksps. A microphone input includes built-in preamp and hardware automatic gain control, with single-ended or fully-differential input capability. The dual output drivers on the TSC2100 can be programmed for low or high power drive for optimized power saving capability. The drivers can function as a stereo line-level output, a stereo headphone amplifier with capless or ac-coupled configurations, or a bridge-terminated speaker driver, delivering up to 325 mW into an 8- load. A programmable digital audio effects processor enables bass, treble, midrange, or equalization playback processing. The digital audio data format is programmable to work with popular audio standard protocols (I²S, DSP, Left/Right Justified) in master or slave mode, and also includes an on-chip programmable PLL for flexible clock generation capability. Highly configurable software power control is provided, enabling stereo audio playback at 48 ksps at 11 mW with a 3.3-V analog supply level.

The TSC2100 offers a 12-bit measurement ADC and internal reference voltage, as well as two battery measurement inputs capable of reading battery voltages up to 6 V, while operating at an analog supply as low as 2.7 V. It includes an on-chip temperature sensor capable of reading 0.3°C resolution. The TSC2100 is available in a 32 lead TSSOP and a 32 lead QFN.