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USB PD TCPCi Port Controller


Package | PIN: YFP | 9
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.24
10-24 $1.11
25-99 $1.02
100-249 $0.87
250-499 $0.81
500-749 $0.66
750-999 $0.53
1000+ $0.47


  • Supports USB Type-C™ 1.2 and Power Delivery (PD) Specifications
  • USB PD Phy with I2C Interface (TCPCi) Supporting:
    • 5 — 24 V Power Sourcing and Sinking
    • 2.5 Watt VCONN switch
    • Alt ModeNegotiations
  • Optimized for Portable Applications with Autonomous Dual Role Port (DRP) Support
  • Software Configurable as Dedicated Host, Dedicated Device, or Dual-Role
    • DFP, UFP and DRP
    • Attach/Detach of USB port
    • CableOrientation Detection
    • Current Mode Advertisement andDetection
    • Debug and Audio AccessorySupport
    • Active Cable Detection
    • VCONN for Active Cable
  • Dead Battery Support
  • Integrated over-temperature sensing diode (OTSD)
  • VBUS Detect and Discharge Control
  • VDD Supply Voltage: 2.7 V — 5.5 V
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Industrial Temperature Range of –40°C to 85°C

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Texas Instruments  TUSB422IYFPR

TUSB422 is a USB PD PHY that enables a USB
Type-C port with the Configuration Channel (CC) logic needed for USB Type-C ecosystems. Itintegrates the physical layer of the USB BMC power delivery (PD) protocol to allow up to 100-W ofpower and support for alternate mode interfaces. An external microprocessor, containing USB Type-CPort Manager (TCPM), communicates with the TUSB422 through an I2Cinterface.

Under control of the TCPM, TUSB422 uses the CC pins to determine port attach/detach,cable orientation, role detection, and port control for USB Type-C current mode. The TUSB422 can beconfigured as DFP, UFP, or DRP, depending on the application. The TUSB422 implements VBUS detectionand discharge for the implementation of a compliant USB Type-C port.

The TUSB422 integrates 2.5 Watt switch to provide VCONN power for an active cable. Thedevice also provides VCONN discharge function. The TUSB422 also supports USB Type-C optionalfeatures such as audio and debug accessory.

The device operates over a wide supply-range and has low power consumption. The TUSB422is available in industrial temperature ranges.