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Complementary Switch FET Drivers


Package | PIN: D | 8
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.05
10-24 $2.75
25-99 $2.56
100-249 $2.24
250-499 $2.10
500-749 $1.78
750-999 $1.51
1000+ $1.44


  • Single Input (PWM and TTL Compatible)
  • High-Current Power FET Driver, 1-A Source and
    2-A Sink
  • Auxiliary Output FET Driver, 0.5-A Source and
    1-A Sink
  • Time Delays Between Power and Auxiliary Outputs
    Independently Programmable from 50 to 500-ns
  • Time Delay or True Zero-Voltage Operation Independently
    Configurable for Each Output
  • Switching Frequency to 1 MHz
  • Typical 50-ns Propagation Delays
  • ENBL Pin Activates 220-µA Sleep Mode
  • Power Output is Active-Low in Sleep Mode
  • Synchronous Rectifier Driver

Texas Instruments  UC2714D

These two families of high speed drivers are designed to provide drive waveforms for complementary switches. Complementary switch configurations are commonly used in synchronous rectification circuits and active clamp/reset circuits, which provide zero voltage switching. In order to facilitate the soft switching transitions, independently programmable delays between the two output waveforms are provided on these drivers. The delay pins also have true-zero voltage-sensing capability which allows immediate activation of the corresponding switch when zero voltage is applied. These devices require a PWM-type input to operate and interface with commonly available PWM controllers.

In the UC1714 series, the AUX output is inverted to allow driving a p-channel MOSFET. In the UC1715 series, the two outputs are configured in a true complementary fashion.