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Half-Bridge Bipolar Switch


Package | PIN: KC | 5
Temp: S (-20 to 100)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $8.21
10-24 $7.39
25-99 $6.90
100-249 $6.19
250-499 $5.77
500-749 $5.02
750-999 $4.35
1000+ $4.26


  • Source or Sink 4.0A
  • Supply Voltage to 35V
  • High-Current Output Diodes
  • Tri-State Operation
  • TTL and CMOS Input Compatibility
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • 300kHz Operation
  • Low-Cost TO-220 Package

Texas Instruments  UC2950T

This device is a monolithic integrated circuit designed to provide high-current switching with low saturation voltages when activated by low-level logic signals. Source and sink switches may be independently activated without regard to timing as a built-in interlock will keep the sink off if the source is on.

This driver has the high current capability to drive large capacitive loads with fast rise and fall times; but with high-speed internal flyback diodes, it is also ideal for inductive loads. Two UC2950s can be used together to form a full bridge, bipolar motor driver compatible with high frequency chopper current control.