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Quad Supply and Line Monitor


Package | PIN: DW | 18
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $5.79
10-24 $5.21
25-99 $4.87
100-249 $4.36
250-499 $4.07
500-749 $3.54
750-999 $3.07
1000+ $3.01


  • Inputs for Monitoring up to FourSeparate Supply Voltage Levels
  • Internal Inverter for Sensing a Negative Supply Voltage
  • Line/Switch Sense Input for Early Power Source Failure Warning
  • Programmable Under- and Over-Voltage Fault Thresholds with Proportional Hysteresis
  • A Precision 2.5-V Reference
  • General Purpose Op-Amp for Auxiliary Use
  • Three High Current, >3 0mA, Open-Collector Outputs Indicate Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage and Power OK Conditions
  • 8-V to 40-V Supply Operation with 7-mA Stand-By Current

Texas Instruments  UC3903DW

The UC1903 family of quad supply and line monitor integrated circuits will respondto under- and over-voltage conditions on up to four continuously monitored voltage levels. An internal op-amp inverter allows at least one of these levels to be negative. A separate line/switcher sense input is available to provide early warning of line or other power source failures.

The fault window adjustment circuit on these devices provides easy programming of under- and over-voltage thresholds. The thresholds, centered around a precision 2.5-V reference, have an input hysteresis that scales with the window width for precise, glitch-free operation. A reference output pin allows the sense input fault windows to be scaled independently using simple resistive dividers.

The three open collector outputs on these devices sink in excess of 30 mA of load current when active. The under- and over-voltage outputs respond after separate, user defined, delays to respective fault conditions. The third output is active during any fault condition including under- and over-voltage, line/switcher faults, and input supply under-voltage. The off state of this output indicates a power OK situation.

An additional, uncommitted, general purpose op-amp is also included. This op-amp, capable of sourcing 20 mA of output current, can be used for a number of auxiliary functions including the sensing and amplification of a feedback error signal when the 2.5-V output is used as a system reference.

These parts operate over an 8-V to 40-V input supply range and require a typical stand-by current of only 7 mA.