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High-Efficiency Predictive Synchronous Buck Driver


Package | PIN: PWP | 14
Temp: S (-40 to 105)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.95
10-24 $3.55
25-99 $3.31
100-249 $2.90
250-499 $2.72
500-749 $2.31
750-999 $1.95
1000+ $1.86


  • Maximizes Efficiency by Minimizing Body-Diode Conduction and Reverse Recovery Losses
  • Transparent Synchronous Buck Gate Drive Operation From the Single Ended PWM Input Signal
  • 12-V or 5-V Input Operation
  • 3.3-V Input Operation With Availability of 12-V Bus Bias
  • High-Side and Low-Side ±3-A Dual Drivers
  • On-Board 6.5-V Gate Drive Regulator
  • ±3-A TrueDrive™ Gate Drives for High Current Delivery at MOSFET Miller Thresholds
  • Automatically Adjusts for Changing Operating Conditions
  • Thermally Enhanced 14-Pin PowerPAD™ HTSSOP Package Minimizes Board Area and Junction Temperature Rise
    • Multiphase Converters in Combination With the TPS40090
    • Non-Isolated 3.3-V, 5-V and 12-V Input dc-to-dc Converters for Processor Power, General Computer, Telecom and Datacom Applications

Predictive Gate Drive™ and PowerPAD™ are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Texas Instruments  UCC27223PWP

The UCC27223 is a high-speed synchronous buck drivers for today’s high-efficiency, lower-output voltage designs. Using Predictive Gate Drive™ (PGD) control technology, these drivers reduce diode conduction and reverse recovery losses in the synchronous rectifier MOSFET(s).

The UCC27223 includes an enable pin that controls the operation of both outputs. A logic latch is also included to keep both outputs low until the first PWM input pulse comes in. The RDS(on) of the SR pull-down sourcing device is also minimized for higher frequency operations.

This closed loop feedback system detects body-diode conduction, and adjusts deadtime delays to minimize the conduction time interval. This virtually eliminates body-diode conduction while adjusting for temperature, load- dependent delays, and for different MOSFETs. Precise gate timing at the nanosecond level reduces the reverse recovery time of the synchronous rectifier MOSFET body-diode, reducing reverse recovery losses seen in the main (high-side) MOSFET. The lower junction temperature in the low-side MOSFET increases product reliability. Since the power dissipation is minimized, a higher switching frequency can also be used, allowing for smaller component sizes.

The UCC27223 is offered in the thermally enhanced 14-pin PowerPAD™ package with 2°C/W jc.