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Buck PFC Controller


Package | PIN: PW | 14
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.31
10-24 $2.98
25-99 $2.77
100-249 $2.43
250-499 $2.28
500-749 $1.94
750-999 $1.63
1000+ $1.56


  • Buck Power Factor Correction for High Efficiency Across Line
  • Low Off-Line Startup Current, With SmartStart Algorithm for Fast Startup With Soft-Start
  • Compatible With Resistive or Pass Transistor Fed Startup from the AC Line
  • Low Power SmartBurst Mode for Standby and Light-Load Conditions
  • Current Sense Inputs for PFC control and Overload Protection
  • Line Sense UVLO
  • Sense and Drive Control for External Startup Depletion Mode FET
  • Latching Fault Input Pin

Texas Instruments  UCC29910APW

The UCC29910A Buck Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller provides a relatively flat high-efficiency performance across universal line for designers requiring a high power factor (>0.9) and wishing to meet the requirements of IEC 61000-3-2. Based on a buck topology, inherent inrush current limiting eliminates the need for additional components. With a typical bus voltage of 84 V, the topology is ideally suited for use with low voltage stress downstream regulation/isolation power trains, such as half-bridge stages controlled by the UCC29900, (Texas Instruments Literature Number, SLUS923). This combination offers low common-mode noise generation allowing reduced filtering and exceptionally high conversion efficiency.

The UCC29910A incorporates AC line UVLO and controlled soft start for fast start-up. Enhanced light-load efficiency is achieved through advanced management algorithms for best-in-class no-load and light-load performance.