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200V, 1.5A/3A Half Bridge GaN Driver With Adjustable Dead-time


Package | PIN: RVR | 19
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $4.64
10-24 $4.18
25-99 $3.89
100-249 $3.41
250-499 $3.20
500-749 $2.72
750-999 $2.29
1000+ $2.19


  • Ultra-High Speed Operation of 50 MHz
    • 10 ns Typical Propagation Delay
    • 1.5 ns High-Side to Low-Side Matching
    • Minimum Pulse Width of 3 ns
  • 1.5-A Peak Source and 3-A Peak Sink Currents
  • Two Control Input Options
    • Single PWM Input with Adjustable Dead Time
    • Independent InputMode
  • High CMTI Immunity of 300V/ns
  • External Bootstrap Diode For Flexibility
  • High-Side to Low-Side Capacitance Less Than 1 pF
  • UVLO and Overtemperature Protection
  • Low-Inductance WQFN Package

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Texas Instruments  XLMG1210RVRT

The LMG1210 is a 200-V, half-bridge high performance gallium nitride field effecttransistor (GaN FET) driver designed for applications requiring high switching speed, minimizeddead time, as well as high efficiency. Drive voltage is precisely controlled by an internal LDO to5 V when higher auxiliary voltages are used.

The LMG1210 GaN driver is designed for ultra-high frequency applicationsand features adjustable dead-time capability, very small propagation delay, as well as 1.5-nshigh-side low-side matching to optimize system efficiency.

Additional parasitic capacitance across the GaN FET is minimized to less than 1 pF toreduce additional switching losses. An external bootstrap diode is used to charge the high-sidebootstrap capacitor to allow optimal selection for the circuit operating conditions.

An internal switch turns the bootstrap diode off when the low side is off, effectivelypreventing the high-side bootstrap from overcharging and minimizing the reverse recovery chargewhen a silicon diode is used as the bootstrap diode.

The GaN driver can operate in two different modes: independent input mode (IIM) and PWMmode. In IIM each of the outputs is independently controlled by a dedicated input. In PWM mode thetwo complementary output signals are generated from a single input and the user can adjust the deadtime from 0 to 20 ns for each edge. The LMG1210 operates over a wide temperature range from –40°Cto 125°C and is offered in a low-inductance WQFN package.