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DAC8574IPW 正在供货

低功耗四路轨到轨输出 16 位 I2C 输入 DAC

与 DAC8574IPWG4 相同 该器件型号与以上所列器件型号完全相同。您可仅批量订购上面所列的器件型号。

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铅涂层/焊球材料 NIPDAU
MSL 等级/回流焊峰 Level-1-260C-UNLIM
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封装 | 引脚 包装数量 | 包装类型 温度
TSSOP (PW) | 16 90 | TUBE
-40 to 105
封装 | 引脚 TSSOP (PW) | 16
包装数量 | 包装类型 90 | TUBE
温度 -40 to 105

DAC8574 的特性

  • MicroPower Operation: 950 µA at 5 V VDD
  • Power-On Reset to Zero
  • +2.7 V to +5.5 V Analog Power Supply
  • 16-Bit Monotonic
  • Settling Time: 10µs to ±0.003% FSR
  • I²C™ Interface Up to 3.4 Mbps
  • Data Transmit Capability
  • On-Chip Output Buffer Amplifier, Rail-to-Rail Operation
  • Double-Buffered Input Register
  • Address Support for up to Sixteen DAC8574s
  • Synchronous Update Support for up to 64 Channels
  • Operation From –40°C to 105°C
  • Small 16 Lead TSSOP Package
    • Process Control
    • Data Acquistion Systems
    • Closed-Loop Servo Control
    • PC Peripherals
    • Portable Instrumentation

I²C is a trademark of Philips Corporation.

DAC8574 的说明

The DAC8574 is a low-power, quad channel, 16-bit buffered voltage output DAC. Its on-chip precision output amplifier allows rail-to-rail output swing to be achieved. The DAC8574 utilizes an I²C compatible two wire serial interface supporting high-speed interface mode with address support of up to sixteen DAC8574’s for a total of 64 channels on the bus.

The DAC8574 requires an external reference voltage to set the output range of the DAC. The DAC8574 incorporates a power-on-reset circuit that ensures that the DAC output powers up at zero volts and remains there until a valid write takes place to the device. The DAC8574 contains a power-down feature, accessed via the internal control register, that reduces the current consumption of the device to 200nA at 5V.

The low power consumption of this part in normal operation makes it ideally suited to portable battery operated equipment. The power consumption is less than 5mW at VDD = 5V reducing to 1µW in power-down mode.

The DAC8574 is available in an 16-lead TSSOP package.


数量 单价 (USD)
1-99 14.46
100-249 12.631
250-999 9.739
1,000+ 8.711


包装数量 | 包装类型 2,000 | LARGE T&R
库存 18,644
数量 | 价格 (USD) 1ku | 6.952 1-99 11.54 100-249 10.08 250-999 7.772 1,000+ 6.952