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Driving and Protection Evaluation Board for SiC and IGBT Power Modules

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  • 20-A peak, split output drive current with programmable drive voltages
  • Two 5-kVrms reinforced isolated channels to support up to 1700 V input rail
  • Short circuit protection with soft turn OFF and 2-A Miller clamp ability
  • Robust noise-immune solution with CMTI > 100 V/ns
  • Isolated module temperature and input rail monitoring
  • Two, 2-W output bias supplies with UVLO and OVLO protection


The ISO5852SDWEVM-017 is a compact, dual chanel isolated gate driver board providing drive, bias voltages, protection and diagnostic needed for half-bridge Sic MOSFET and IGBT Power Modules in standard 62-mm package. This TI EVM is based on 5.7-kVrms reinforced isolation driver IC ISO5852SDW in SOIC-16DW package with 8.0 mm creepage and clearance. The EVM includes SN6505B based isolated bias supplies and temperature and bus voltage isolated monitoring by amplifiers AMC1401.