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四路 CMOS 轨到轨输入和输出运算放大器

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铅涂层/焊球材料 SN
MSL 等级/回流焊峰 Level-1-260C-UNLIM
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封装 | 引脚 包装数量 | 包装类型 温度
SOIC (D) | 14 2,500 | LARGE T&R
-40 to 125
封装 | 引脚 SOIC (D) | 14
包装数量 | 包装类型 2,500 | LARGE T&R
温度 -40 to 125

LMC6494 的特性

    (Typical Unless Otherwise Noted)

  • Rail-to-Rail Input Common-Mode Voltage Range, Ensured Over Temperature
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Swing within 20 mV of Supply Rail, 100 kΩ Load
  • Operates from 5V to 15V Supply
  • Excellent CMRR and PSRR 82 dB
  • Ultra Low Input Current 150 fA
  • High Voltage Gain (RL = 100 kΩ) 120 dB
  • Low Supply Current (@ VS = 5V) 500 μA/Amplifier
  • Low Offset Voltage Drift 1.0 μV/°C

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LMC6494 的说明

The LMC6492/LMC6494 amplifiers were specifically developed for single supply applications that operate from −40°C to +125°C. This feature is well-suited for automotive systems because of the wide temperature range. A unique design topology enables the LMC6492/LMC6494 common-mode voltage range to accommodate input signals beyond the rails. This eliminates non-linear output errors due to input signals exceeding a traditionally limited common-mode voltage range. The LMC6492/LMC6494 signal range has a high CMRR of 82 dB for excellent accuracy in non-inverting circuit configurations.

The LMC6492/LMC6494 rail-to-rail input is complemented by rail-to-rail output swing. This assures maximum dynamic signal range which is particularly important in 5V systems.

Ultra-low input current of 150 fA and 120 dB open loop gain provide high accuracy and direct interfacing with high impedance sources.


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1-99 4.088
100-249 3.582
250-999 2.512
1,000+ 2.024


包装数量 | 包装类型 55 | TUBE
库存 10,969
数量 | 价格 (USD) 1ku | 2.314 1-99 4.258 100-249 3.471 250-999 2.728 1,000+ 2.314