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TL494IDR 正在供货

脉冲宽度调制 (Pwm) 控制电路

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封装 | 引脚: SOIC (D) | 16
温度: I (-40 to 85)
包装数量 | 包装类型: 2,500 | LARGE T&R


铅涂层/焊球材料 SN, NIPDAU
MSL 等级/回流焊峰 Level-1-260C-UNLIM
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  • Complete PWM Power-Control Circuitry
  • Uncommitted Outputs for 200-mA Sink or
    Source Current
  • Output Control Selects Single-Ended or
    Push-Pull Operation
  • Internal Circuitry Prohibits Double Pulse at
    Either Output
  • Variable Dead Time Provides Control Over
    Total Range
  • Internal Regulator Provides a Stable 5-V Reference Supply With 5% Tolerance
  • Circuit Architecture Allows Easy Synchronization

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The TL494 device incorporates all the functions required in the construction of apulse-width-modulation (PWM) control circuit on a single chip. Designed primarily for power-supplycontrol, this device offers the flexibility to tailor the power-supply control circuitry to aspecific application.

The TL494 device contains two error amplifiers, an on-chip adjustableoscillator, a dead-time control (DTC) comparator, a pulse-steering control flip-flop, a 5-V,5%-precision regulator, and output-control circuits.

The error amplifiers exhibit a common-mode voltage range from –0.3 V toVCC – 2 V. The dead-time control comparator has a fixed offset that providesapproximately 5% dead time. The on-chip oscillator can be bypassed by terminating RT to thereference output and providing a sawtooth input to CT, or it can drive the common circuits insynchronous multiple-rail power supplies.

The uncommitted output transistors provide either common-emitter or emitter-followeroutput capability. The TL494 device provides for push-pull or single-ended output operation, whichcan be selected through the output-control function. The architecture of this device prohibits thepossibility of either output being pulsed twice during push-pull operation.

The TL494C device is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C. The TL494I device ischaracterized for operation from –40°C to 85°C.

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产品型号 TL494ID
包装数量 | 包装类型 40 | TUBE
库存 18,050
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