Wireless M-Bus

European standard for RF communication link between flow meters, electric meters and the data collecting devices.

What is Wireless M-Bus?

Wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) is a low-cost, low-power star network running on license-free industrial-scientific-medical bands. Based on Sub-1 GHz, wM-Bus can reach through concrete walls and long distances, with networks of as many as 1,000 nodes per collector. There are modes for the 868-MHz, 433-MHz and 169-MHz bands, enabling coverage over several kilometers. wM-Bus is the most common wireless metering standard for Europe.

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Why TI for wM-Bus?


First to market

40+ million units deployed since 2011 and the first partner with Stackforce for wM-Bus development


Long battery life

Designed with a small footprint in mind, TI's single chip solutions come in a 7x7 package with 10+ years of expected battery life.



TI's wM-Bus supports a wide range of region companion protocols and 169, 433 & 868 MHz frequency bands allowing your products to be deployed worldwide.

Design & development resources

Application software & framework
Wireless M-bus protocol software

The Wireless M-Bus standard (EN13757-4:2014-2) specifies the RF communication link between water, gas, heat, and electric meters and the data collecting devices. It is widely accepted in Europe for smart metering or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) applications. Wireless M-Bus was originally (...)

Evaluation board
CC1310 LaunchPad™ development kit for sub-1-GHz SimpleLink™ wireless MCU

The SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad™ development kit is the first LaunchPad kit with a Sub-1 GHz radio, which offers long-range connectivity, combined with a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor on a single chip.

The CC1310 device is a wireless MCU targeting (...)

Reference design
Heat Cost Allocator with wM-Bus at 868 MHz Reference Design

The TIDA-00838 reference design implements a heat cost allocator system following the EN834 standard with the “two-sensor measurement method". The solution achieves better than 0.5 degrees Celsius accuracy across a range of +20 to +85°C. Two analog temperature sensors are available as (...)

Technical resources

Technical article
Technical article
Wireless M-Bus 101
Wireless M-Bus is the only European standard for wireless meter reading but there are various modes and application profiles that can be used. Read this article for wireless M-Bus 101.
Application note
Application note
AN121 – Wireless M-Bus Implementation with CC112x/CC120x High Performance Transc
Wireless M-Bus implementation with CC112x/ CC120x high performance transicever family
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Connect: Wireless M-Bus protocol
Learn from our RF expert, Svein Vetti, about Wireless M-Bus, a Sub-1 GHz standard for smart metering in Europe for water, gas, heat and electric meters.