Hella Aglaia TDAx-based ADAS algorithms for front camera


From: Hella Aglaia


HELLA Aglaia develops embedded software solutions for advanced driver assistance systems – compliant with certified industry standards and ready for hardware integration.

Leveraging the powerful deep learning capabilities of the TDA4x processor family, HELLA Aglaia’s robust image processing software allows for precise and highly efficient image analysis even when processing high-resolution camera data. The software is optimized for easy implementation into the TDA4x processor framework.


Multi-class object detection

  • Detection and localization of automotive-relevant objects

11 Classes, e.g.

  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Traffic Light Detection
  • Traffic Sign Detection
  • Detection of manholes
  • Detection of building-site beacons

Semantic free space

  • Detection of driving-area limitations (objects, curbs, unmarked road boundaries)
  • Indication of limiting object
  • Road Detection
  • Roadside Detection

(coming soon)

  • Generation of 3D world representation based on visual clues
  • 50-step logarithmic distance scale


Application software & framework

HLA-DL-ALGORITHMS Hella Aglaia TDAx-based ADAS algorithms for front camera

Supported products & hardware

Supported products & hardware

Arm-based processors
DRA829V Dual Arm® Cortex®-A72, quad Cortex®-R5F, 8-port Ethernet and 4-port PCIe switches TDA2HG SoC processor w/ graphics, video & vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA2HV SoC processor w/ video & vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA2LF SoC processor for ADAS applications TDA2SG SoC processor w/ highly-featured graphics, video & vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA2SX SoC processor w/ full-featured graphics, video & vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA4VM Dual Arm® Cortex®-A72, C7x DSP, and deep learning, vision and multimedia accelerators TDA4VM-Q1 Next generation SoC family for L2/L3, near-field analytic systems using deep learning technologies

Support & training

Third-party support
TI does not offer ongoing direct design support for this software. For support while working through your design, contact Hella Aglaia.



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