In-Vision Polarfox, 3D Machine Vision Light Engine Using DLP6500
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Polarfox is one of a family of IN-VISION light engine modules using blue wavelength illumination for 3D scanning applications. Based on TI’s DLP6500 chipset, Polarfox offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on optical performance. A variety of off-the-shelf projection lenses are readily available. In-Vision’s in-house engineering and manufacturing teams enable customization for lenses or illumination system design such a for a specific wavelength or throw ratio at short lead times.

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In-Vision Polarfox – 3D Machine Vision Light Engine Using DLP6500

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TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
DLP6500FLQ  DLP® 0.65 1080p Type A DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLP6500FYE  DLP® 0.65 1080p s600 DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLPC900  DLP® digital controller for DLP6500 & DLP9000 digital micromirror devices (DMDs)  Advanced light-control chipsets 

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