LeddarTech TDA4x Front-Entry perception solution.




LeddarTech build ADAS perception solutions for the TI TDA4x processors using the TI development toolset. LeddarTech develops and provides comprehensive perception software solutions to enable the deployment of ADAS and autonomous driving (AD) applications. LeddarVision Front-Entry, is optimized for the TDA4x and is the only stack on the TDA4x based on low-level sensor fusion, enabling high-performing L2/L2+ ADAS while making it more accessible and efficient for widespread implementation.




LeddarVision Front-Entry powered by the TDA4x-Q1processor, delivers cost and performance benefits, using a single 1 to 2-megapixel 120-degree front camera and two short-range front corner radars (1V2R). Optimized for the TDA4VM-Q1, it makes high-performing L2/L2+ solutions more accessible and efficient for widespread implementation.

Component: LeddarVision Front-Entry 


  • ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
  • AEB C2C (Auto Emergency Braking Car-to-Car)
  • ELK (Emergency Lane Keeping)
  • FCW (Forward-Collision Warning)
  • FCTA (Front Cross Traffic Alert)
  • HWA (Highway Assist)
  • SA (Speed Assist)
  • TLR (Traffic Light Recognition)
  • TJA (Traffic Jam Assist)
  • LKA (Lane Keep Assist)
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Support software

LTECH-3P-LVFE LeddarVision Front - Entry-Level

Supported products & hardware

Supported products & hardware

Arm-based processors
TDA4VL-Q1 Automotive system-on-a-chip with AI, graphics for surround view, and park-assist applications TDA4VM-Q1 Automotive system-on-a-chip for L2, L3 and near-field analytic systems using deep learning

Support & training

Third-party support
TI does not offer ongoing direct design support for this software. For support while working through your design, contact LeddarTech Inc..



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