MSP432P4xx Security and Update Tool
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MSP432 Security and Update Tool


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MSP432 Security and Update Tool provides users an easy way to configure the security features found on MSP432™ devices. With both a graphical user interface (GUI), as well as a command-line interface (CLI), this configuration tool outputs a binary firmware image that can be downloaded to the MSP432 MCU to modify/update the device’s security settings.

The MSP432 security features supported by this tool include:

  • Factory Reset
  • Bootloader (BSL) Configuration
  • IP Protected Secure Zone and Update
  • JTAG/SWD Lock Configuration and Update
  • Factory Reset Configuration

On the MSP432 MCU, these security features are configured by populating a section of memory called the Flash Mailbox, which is located in the Information Memory portion of the non-volatile Flash memory. After the configuration details are written to the Flash Mailbox, a reboot, reset or power-on reset (POR) must be applied to execute the configuration.

The MSP432 Security and Update Tool performs two tasks:

  1. It creates a partial firmware image which configures the security options in the Flash Mailbox memory locations.
  2. The tool can also create a complete firmware image by concatenating the users application firmware (usually generated by traditional IDE build tools, such as CCS, IAR, or Keil), along with the partial firmware security configuration image.

This tool only aids in creating the firmware image, it does not have the ability to download an image into the MSP432 microcontroller. Rather, the image can be written to the device - just as one would do with any firmware created for the MSP432 MCU – utilizing any supported JTAG or Serial Wire Debug (SWD) debugger probe (such as the MSP-FET with the MSP432 FET adaptor). Alternatively, the MSP432 firmware can also be over its serial communications port using the Bootloader (BSL).

Note – The MSP432 Security and Update Tool (v1.0.0.0) only supports the MSP432P401x revision C (production) silicon, due to improvements made in the Flash Mailbox structure on the device. Please refer to the document, Moving from Evaluation to Production with MSP432P401x MCUs, for an overview of the improvements made to the device. To find additional information regarding previous pre-production releases of the XMS432P401x, please visit

  • Supports all security features:
    • Factory Reset
    • Bootloader Configuration
    • IP Protected Secure Zone Configuration and Update
    • JTAG/SWD Lock Configuration and Update
  • Only creates configurations that include supported combinations of security features

What's Included

  • Installer for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Encryption Tool v. executable
  • User's Guide
  • Example - shows how to configure the security features and download the resulting image to the device using the Bootloader (BSL)

Technical documentation
Application notes (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
Multiple Files   14 Jul 2017
User guides (3)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 4631 16 Apr 2020
PDF 1472 02 Aug 2019
PDF 6872 21 Jun 2019

Software development (3)

Name Part Number Software Type
Bootloader (BSL) for MSP low-power microcontrollers  MSPBSL  Drivers & libraries 
MSP MCU Programmer and Debugger  MSP-FET  Programming tools 
MSP-GANG Production Programmer  MSP-GANG  Programming tools 

Hardware development (3)

Name Part Number Tool Type
100-pin Target Development Board for SimpleLink™ MSP432P4x MCUs (microcontroller not included)  MSP-TS432PZ100  Evaluation boards 
SimpleLink™ MSP432P401R high-precision ADC LaunchPad™ Development Kit  MSP-EXP432P401R  Evaluation boards 
MSP432 Adapter for MSP-FET  MSP-FET-432ADPTR  Interface adapters 

TI Devices (2)

Part Number Name Product Family
MSP432P401M  SimpleLink™ ultra-low-power 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F MCU with precision ADC, 128kB Flash and 32kB RAM  SimpleLink Solutions 
MSP432P401R  SimpleLink™ ultra-low-power 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F MCU With Precision ADC, 256KB Flash and 64KB RAM  SimpleLink MCUs 

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