TMS320VC33 University DSK
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Note: in order to develop with the VC33 DSK, Code Composer 4.12 and a JTAG emulator are required. If you do not have these additional tools, we suggest that you purchase the C6713 DSK.

The TMS320VC33 DSK is built using a state of the art low power and low cost 150 MegaFlop TMS320VC33. The board is further supported by a 48Khz stereo 20 bit codec with 2 on-board microphones, external SRAM, external FeRAM boot flash and CPLD logic. The new software applications and demos run under all Windows platforms (older C31 DSK applications are supported but Win9x only). Applications can also now be created in less time using the included TI-COFF optimizing C compiler.

Hardware Features
  • TMS320VC33-150 150 MFLOP DSP
  • PCM3003, 20 bit, 48KHz stereo codec
  • 2 electret microphones
  • 1Mb external SRAM
  • Non-Volatile FeRAM™ Boot Memory
  • 8 user IO pins
  • Power/PWM Bi-color LED indicator
  • High speed parallel port communication with PC

Included Software

  • DSK3DW Debugger/Editor (Win9x/2K/NT/XP)
    • Integrated HLL/Editor/Debugger with auto-build
    • Interactive Application Control - Global variables auto-attach to controls
    • Interactive Graphing - Your application sets the graph parameters
    • Integrated command and watch window
    • Frame, BSS and Register variables to visualize how C uses memory
    • Character display mode for simulated standard output
    • Integrated FeRAM Boot FLASH utilities
    • Integrated online Windows help file
    • TI open source policy for use with any TI processor
  • TI Optimizing C Compiler, Assembler and Linker

DSK Applications and Demos

  • FFT Spectrum Analyzer (Complex Radix-2, Dual and Real FFT)
  • Stereo 10 band graphic equalizer
  • Sliding DFT filters and signal analysis
  • Logarithmic Differential Compression
  • FIR/IIR or simple loopback filters
  • Extraction of signal fundamental frequency to a monotonic sine wave
  • Oscilloscope
  • Wav play/record
  • Precision signal generation
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Embedded FIR coefficient generator
  • Math routines: Fast Logarithms, Random numbers, Interpolation, Numerical accuracy and more...
  • FeRAM (can be used like SRAM)
  • Mandelbrot
  • Efficient Coding Techniques
  • Efficiently using Interrupts
  • Efficient character displays for embedded processors
  • 60Hz null filter (2 methods)
Note: TI provided sources are provided under a TI-open-source policy that allows porting the code for use on any TI processor

FeRAM™ Boot Memory is a trademark of Ramtron International

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