OMAP Starter Kit (OSK) Bundle with a Logic PD Kickstart Program
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The Logic PD Kickstart Program provides tools and support to get your OMAP5912 based product on the path to success.

US Kit consists of :

The OMAP5912 Starter Kit (OSK) offers portable data terminal (PDT) developers a low cost, out-of-the-box entry point into the benefits of integrated dual-core devices. The kit delivers an easy-to-use means of evaluating the features of the OMAP5912 processor as it powers intelligent, next-generation PDT applications. Integration, dynamic communication, analysis capture and output are easily and inexpensively implemented using the OSK. The kit includes a development board, a collection of board and chip specific libraries as well as a suite of development tools for Linux with an OMAP5912 specific Linux kernel.

Mistral Breakout LCD Module - This is an add on board to the OSK for LCD display. This is a standard plug-in LCD TFT module to give developers the opportunity to view code on target display

Spectrum Digital XDS510 Emulator - The Spectrum Digital XDS510 emulator is a USB-based emulation controller that is tightly integrated with the Code Composer Studio's debugger interface to make all of TI's standard real-time emulation control and visualization capabilities available to the developer. These range from single-stepping, to register visibility, software and hardware (ROM) breakpoints, heterogeneous multiprocessing and multiprocessor breakpoints, to RTDX and cycle-accurate benchmarking. All of this is supported without requiring a debug monitor. Custom target boards for any TI DSP can be debugged through a standard 14-pin JTAG header on the board.

Code Composer Studio for OMAP  - Code Composer StudioTM (CCStudio) Development Tools are a key element of the eXpressDSP Software and Development Tools strategy from Texas Instruments. CCStudio delivers all of the host tools and runtime software support for your TMS320 DSP based real-time embedded application to market faster. Familiar tools and interfaces allow users to get started faster than ever before and add functionality to their application thanks to sophisticated productivity tools.

CCStudio's easy to use development environment allows DSP designers of all experience levels to move quickly through each phase of the application development process including design, code and build, debug, analyze and optimize. The fully integrated development environment includes, real-time analysis capabilities, easy to use debugger, C/C++ Compiler, Assembler, linker, editor, visual project manager, simulators, XDS560 and XDS510 emulation drivers and DSP/BIOS support

16 Hour Kickstart Service Contract with Logic Product Development - Logic PD, an Independent OMAP Technology Center provides 16 hours of service to help you begin your OMAP design. An example of the service include:

  • OSK101 - A four (4) hour web-based class that walks your engineering team through the initial development environment setup. Topics to be covered are as follows:
    • Installation of the host PC ARM development environment. Choose from Linux, VMware based Linux, or a Windows based tool-chain.
    • Installation of the host PC DSP development environment. Chose from Code Composer Studio for Windows, or a Linux based DSP tool-chain.
    • Verification of functioning ARM debug interface and DSP interface with a JTAG emulator.
  • OSK102 - A four (4) hour web-based class that covers the development of Linux applications for the OMAP on the OSK. Topics to be covered are as follows:
    • Discussion of the OMAP system architecture
    • What can be found Reference Framework 6 (RF6)
    • How to control DSP from the ARM using DSP/BIOS Link
      • Discussion of interprocessor communications
      • Run an example application that demonstrates how Link works
  • Eight (8) incident-based support requests sessions of up to one hour each. Logic’s seasoned OMAP engineers will assist you with any OMAP related questions you may have. Usual requests include schematics review, layout review, software review, and driver development.

Visit Logic PD for more information.

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