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Firmware for BQ28Z620 family of gauges

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Latest version
Version: R1-V1.01
Release date: 09 Aug 2023
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Battery fuel gauges
BQ28Z620 Battery fuel gauge with integrated protector for 1-series to 2 series packs with 1.2-V I/O
Hardware development
Evaluation board
BQ28Z620EVM-071 BQ28Z620 evaluation module for one- or two-series cell Li-Ion Impedance Track™ battery fuel gauge

Release Information

The Texas Instruments BQ28Z620 device is a highly integrated, accurate, 1-series to 2-series cell gas gauge and protection solution, enabling autonomous charger control and cell balancing.

The BQ28Z620-DEVICE-FW enables autonomous charge control through Master Mode I2C broadcasts of charging current and voltage information, eliminating software overhead that is typically incurred by the system’s host controller.

The BQ28Z620-DEVICE-FW device provides a fully integrated pack-based solution with a flash programmable custom reduced instruction-set CPU (RISC), safety protection, and authentication for 1- to 2-series cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery packs.

The BQ28Z620-DEVICE-FW communicates via an I2C compatible interface and combines an ultra-low-power, high-speed TI BQBMP processor, high-accuracy analog measurement capabilities, integrated flash memory, an array of peripheral and communication ports, an N-CH FET drive, and a SHA-1 Authentication transform responder into a complete, high-performance battery management solution.


  • Autonomous battery charging control, using a dedicated MASTER mode I2C interface
  • 400-kHz I2C bus communications interface, including a 1.2-V logic level for high-speed programming and data access
  • Cell balancing with an internal bypass to optimize battery health
  • A high-side protection N-CH FET drive enables serial bus communication during fault conditions
  • Programmable protection levels for voltage, current, and temperature
  • Support for simultaneous current and voltage sampling
  • Supports down to 0.5-mΩ current sense resistor while capable of 1-mA current measurement
  • SHA-1 authentication responder for increased battery pack security