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Release date: 16 Nov 2015

MSP Crypto-Bootloader Software Package

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MSP BSL Encryptor GUI

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Crypto-Bootloader (CryptoBSL) for MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69xx MCUs

Secure In-Field Firmware Updates for MSP MCUs

Release Information

The Crypto-Bootloader (CryptoBSL) is a custom bootloader that was developed and implemented on MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69xx FRAM microcontrollers. This bootloader uses cryptographic functions to enable increased security for in-field firmware updates.

This page contains the following resources:

  • Crypto-Bootloader Programmer Package:
    • Contains the source code, projects and firmware images for MSP430FR59xx/69xx.
  • MSP BSL Encryptor GUI:
    • Contains the host application used to encrypt end applications and generate new keys to be used with Crypto-Bootloader.The installer includes source code, project and executable file.

What's new

  • Crypto-Bootloader
    • Initial public release.
    • Version 006856B5 of Crypto-Bootloader for FR59xx/69xx.
    • New: Add level two in the application validation function in all single mode boot projects.
    • Supports I2C and UART.
    • Supports authenticated encryption using AES-CCM.
    • Developed and tested in IAR 6.30.1.
    • Includes sample application.
  • MSP BSL Encryptor GUI
    • Initial public release.
    • Uses Java JDK 1.8.
    • NetBeans 8.0.2 project included.